Friday, February 27, 2009

Hyper Poll Results

Here are the results of the Hyper poll. There were a total of 50 votes. It breaks down as follows: Thor got the most votes. Wonder Woman and Deadpool tied for second place. Infinity Mugen Team's Batman got third place. I'm going to be doing another Hyper poll next week. Thor, Deadpool (because he has other cool hypers) and Rorschach will be in the next poll. If there are other characters you want me to be sure to include please leave a comment below.

Nominees - Best Hyper Move
WinnerFirst Runner-upThird Place

Nominees - Best Hyper Move
Captain America Infinity Mugen Team Final Justice 0
HulkMGMURROWGamma Crush 0
DoomsdayTeam Spoilers ALEXZIQ, and Problem Child, Lord SinestroExplosion3
Spider-manErradicatorMaximum Spider 2
BatmanInfinity Mugen Team"I'm Batman" 4
Silver Surfer (Cosmic Carnage) Team Omega Pwnage Supreme Micro black hole4
GambitM:KenRoyal Flush 0
Mr Fantastic ZVitorOrbital Blast2
Black Cat Beja, Xfields Codes: Mauteck, Eclipse, O Ilusionista Love Camp 3
ThorLoganir and Black DragonWARRIORS OF ASGARD11
Iron Man MagusHeavy Artillery UniBeam2
Deadpool The Unlimetd and WucashNINJAS! Ninjas? Oh, NINJAS!!!8
Rorschach Sean Altly"Who Killed Edward Blake"3

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