Friday, February 27, 2009

Mugen: Ferro Man

Ferro Man is an amalgram of Marvel Comics' Colossus and DC Comics' Ferro Lad (from the Legion of Superheroes). As stated in a previous post, there has just been a released version of Ferro Man for Mugen. It is really, really cool for only being a "Beta". I've had the opportunity to put Ferro Man against many other mugen characters and it more than held it's own. My favorite move is the hyper where he rips a big rock out of the ground and throws it. I also like the move where he shoots his fists at his opponent. The graphics are really well done also. I can't wait to see more. When you download this character and try it out (make no mistake you do want to try this out) keep the following from the Read ME file in mind

- Spriting: Sic-1
- Coding: Sic-1
- AI Coding: Twinimage
- Voice Acting: Kojunho
- Portrait: Crow
- Hyper Portrait: Tenchi
- Testers:Kojunho and Tenchi

This is just the BETA of Ferroman, not the finial vesion!
Download Ferro Man at

Here is the video:

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