Sunday, February 15, 2009

Grudge Match: Superman vs Hulk

I've heard this debate since pre-school in the play yard: Hulk vs Superman: Who would win? In my personal opinion, I think the Hulk would win. It' has been evidenced in the comics that Superman's energy reserves are not inexhaustible. He lost to Doomsday (okay, draw) because he had never before fought anyone on that level for that extended amount of time. If he fought the Hulk he would have to go to those same levels and beyond. The Hulk has no upper limit. As far as anyone knows he has no upper limit and the angrier he becomes the stronger he becomes. In battle like the one against Doomsday, Superman would not be able to fight the Hulk that way - blow for blow. At some point, the Hulk would squash Superman. No, in order to win, he would have to be crafty and strategic, none of which describes Superman. IF he tried to end it quickly and used all of his other powers, Superman might have a chance. Of course, I'm talking about Superman before his reboot. Before 1986's Crisis of the Infinite Earths limited series, Superman could have handled the Hulk because he had no limit but Kryptonite. I'd suggest the way that version of Superman would handle the fight is punch the Hulk in the gut, knocking the wind out of him, and then picking him up, fly into space, and dump him into a black hole at super speed. Boom! Superman wins. However, Superman can'd do that kind of thing anymore, so the wuss would loose.

I staged couple of battles in Mugen. I picked Hannibal and Kal Elvis' Superman Remix against Mgmurrow's Hulk. Both computer controlled and then with me controlling Superman.


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  2. Hey man?!!! I'm shure, you don't like SUPERMAN...

    I have read your stuffs, and any one can see that.

    never Superman would lose for Hulk... He is so mutch OVER POWER than Hulk

    Here is my oppinion fan of comics... The Super Just lose if he wants. Maybe could be hard but always would win...

    Remember: Superman win Thor and Hulk with Lock-Outs on meets between DC vs Marvel.

    And with Hulk he gives just ONE Super punch... Just ONE =) .

    My names is Not Anonymous... My name is Lideroptimus