Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mugen: Gladiator

Gladiator is an alien who works the Shiar Empire. He has fought alongside and against the X-men. I admit that he may be dismissed as a knock off Superman with a mohawk, but I still like to read about him, and thankfully there is a version of him for mugen. He has a lot of different abilities. In the comics he is one tough opponent. Fortunately, the mugen version is tough and a lot of fun to play with.

Read the following links for more information about the comics version:

Here is a rundown of his powers from

Gladiator is an alien possessed of numerous abilities, first and foremost being his extraordinary strength. Whilst the uppermost limit of his strength is unknown, Gladiator has proven able to lift over 100 tons in weight. He once lifted the entire 35 floor Baxter Building in New York City, and has boasted of being able to move whole planets. In addition to his strength, Gladiator is virtually invulnerable to the point where he has survived an explosion of nearly nova force completely unharmed. He is, however, vulnerable to certain unspecified wavelengths of radiation.

Gladiator can fly at speeds rivaling those of starships, and can achieve faster-than-light speeds in hyperspace. He can survive unprotected in the vacuum of outer space, being able to go long periods of time without needing to draw breath. Thanks to his incredible lung capacity, Gladiator is also able to draw in large amounts of air and then expel it all to create a gale force wind. Gladiator can also project intense beams of heat from his eyes that can reach temperatures comparable to those produced by stars, as well as microscopic vision that lets him see beyond the sub-atomic barrier.

Much, if not all of Gladiator's abilities are entirely dependent on his level of self-confidence. The more confident he is in being able to complete the task at hand, the more powerful he becomes. Consequently, if Gladiator ever has the slightest hint of doubt that he is unable to accomplish something, then his powers quickly weaken.

Here my table for the mugen character:

Gladiator Mugen Versions




The character is fun. You have a lot of powers and makes you feel like you could really take on just about any other character and win. This character does have Amalgram move, but I haven't been able to pull it off, personally yet. Here is the video of the tests I ran:

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  1. It's cool but like you say it needs to be a little pull it off, the eye beam don't look too good.