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When Watchmen first came out, I was about 10 or 11 so I have not read it. With the new movie coming out in one month, I've decided to not read the comics or look up any information until after the film. It may be interesting going into the movie without a lot of knowledge of the world the movie takes place in. At the same, the story is seminal - influencing modern storytelling in fundamental ways. I don't know everything about Rorschach but I do know he is important to the story and I was overjoyed to see that Sean Altly decided to make him into a mugen character. Hopefully mugen version of other Watchmen characters will show up. It's a well-done character I enjoy using it. It was released 02/04/09 according the Mugen Guild forum. Also, Mr. Altly, has gone on record saying that he will release a patch to tweak Rorschach's AI so that he will be awesome when controlled by the computer. Here is a list his features quoted from Sean's post on the forum:

Rorschach's features:

-4 Intros
-Kovacs Cameo
-Archie Entrance
-Fridge Ambush
-Rorschach's Journal (features 2 randomly occurring voice clips)
-2 Win Poses
-Archie Exit (Be Seeing You)
-Rorschach's Journal (features 4 randomly occurring voice clips)
-5 Special Moves
-3 Super Moves
-1 Knockdown/Overhead
-Run/Run Jump
-Back Hop
-Negative Edge
-SHADEs-Style Chain Combos
-Launcher and SHADEs-Style Air Combos

Link to WIP Topic:

Video of character at 90%:

On Laxxe23/Zeckle's channel there are 2 more videos.


Aaron Manns for the stellar voice work
Zeckle, POTS, Iced for beta testing
Adam Rogers, executive producer
Mugen Fighting Guild and Mugen Infantry
Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons for their incredible source material, READ IT NOW!
MOTVN for the stage and stage sprites!
If I've forgotten you, let me know and I'll add to future versions.

Download here:

***Important Note About AI***
Right now, Rorschach does not have a custom AI. However, Kamekaze is working on one, but it may take a while. When it's done, I'll release a simple patch, so be patient, for he will be a BEAST.
Here is my table

Rorschach Mugen Versions
Image Creator Fun

AI Look Downloads
Sean Altly 8 7 7

He has a lot of great moves and I enjoy the character. He moves well. And I like the guns. See the video below.

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