Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mugen: Thor

Thor is an interesting fictional character. He isn't just a comic book character. About 1000 years ago, Thor was literally worshiped by the Vikings. And to this day, he is still remembered. "Thursday" is named after him. Mythologies continue with us today. In the Marvel Universe, the Norse Gods (Viking Mythology), Greeco/Roman Mythology coexist and interact with all the other characters. In fact Thor is a founding member of the Avengers and one of their heaviest hitters. Anyone who can go toe-to-toe with the Hulk is no light-weight. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created the Marvel Comics incarnation of Thor and used many elements from the old myths because no one had done it before with Norse mythology. There is much that can be said about the theology behind Norse mythology compared and contrasted with the truths found in the Bible but I'll save that. There is only one definitive version of Thor for mugen. It is awesome and fun to play. You have all of Thor's powers from the comics. In addition, Thor is part of the Scruffy Dragon Marvel vs DC project and if he is fighting the Wonder Woman (reloaded) character, her win pose if cool if she wins. Both that version of Wonder Woman and Thor have the same mugen creators. They do excellent work. There is going to be another version with another costume by the Lethal Mugen Team But i don't know when it will be out

Thor Mugen Versions



By Loganir & BlackDragon (Scruffydragon)989
By Alucard + NickoN/A



This character is extremely well-rounded. It's really fun to use and makes you feel like you are really Thor.
Here is the video test:


  1. Hi Marcus,

    I have this wonderful character
    since 2007 thanks to a Spanish
    who have send it me by mail
    after what I ask him on a Mugen forum.
    I had looked it during all the year 2007.
    For me it deserves a 9 9 9.
    Otherwise for the Infinitymugenteam game,
    I'm not going to download it, too heavy
    especially as only the characters
    "Forge", "Punisher" and "Sentry" interest me.
    I hope to be able to download a day these characters on your marvelous site.


  2. Thanks, for the feedback! This character is awesome. Have you seen what happens when this Thor goes up against Wonder Woman Reloaded and looses to her? IT's tough to beat Thor but worth it.

  3. Hi Marcus,

    you said :
    "Have you seen what happens when this Thor goes up against Wonder Woman Reloaded and looses to her?"

    No, I have never seen what you talk about
    because, strangely, I have never done
    these two fighting.
    Say me what it's because in this moment
    I'm modifying my favorite character "Cable"
    so that it can teleport and become invisible
    so I would not have the time to see what.


  4. Willey, If you watch the videos on the Wonder Woman Post, I demonstrated it. If she beats Thor, she gets his hammer. You've got to see how c