Saturday, February 28, 2009

Grudge Match: Superman vs Thor

I would love to see an animated Superman and Thor fight. That would be awesome. For now, I will contend myself with Mugen. However because Superman's powers do squat to protect him from magic,I think it would be a long, protracted battle between the two. They both get fatigued and I think that they both have the same level of strength. Lightning and Rain would do squat against Superman, so Thor would have to hit him with that hammer and hit him a lot which could prove difficult because of Superman's speed but not impossible. I think eventually Thor would prevail by knocking Superman unconscious. I found a website where many fans actually voice their opinions and a fan-fiction, moderated, fight is published. Read it here.

As for the mugen battles, I staged, I pitted Hannibal and Kal Elvis' Superman Remix against Loganir's Thor. Fun, Fun. I first let them battle it out with both computer controlled and then with me controlling Superman. Here is the fight!


  1. Would be cool to have a Superman vs Silver Surfer.

  2. which superman r we talking about?the old original one where he could move planets or the most recent version that scaled back his strength in order to allow dc comics to make up villains who could hurt him!if it is the original version,superman would smash thor effortlessly!