Monday, February 23, 2009

Grudge Match: Batman vs Superman

Here is another match that always causes a great deal of controversy: Superman vs Batman. When I was a child, there was no question...not even up for much debate, I just knew Superman would wipe the floor with Batman's carcass. Times have changed. Superman has been powered down significantly. He no longer juggles planets or breathe in space or underwater. He can no longer fly so fast that he can go through time. In short, he's a wuss and Batman has more than a chance. Batman is better trained, smarter, and has the attitude. Not that it would be a cake-walk or an easy victory, but Batman would find a way to win, and without killing anyone! Any thing seems possible after Batman was shown beating up Superman in the comic Dark Knight Returns with Kryptonite brass knuckles. Whew, hardcore. Batman always comes prepared.

I've decided to pit many versions of Batman against Hannibal and Kal Elvis' Superman Remix because there are three versions of Batman I like. Also because of the AI differences, I am also including fight in which I control the character with the weakest AI. Look closely at the Magus Batman under my control fighting Superman, because at one point Magus' Batman throws a Kryptonite batarang at Superman. That was fun.

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  1. Batman didn't use Kryptonite "brass knuckles" in DKR, he used a synthetic form of kryptonite that he created himself. It seemed like he used it in a kind of powder form and Supes was even inhaling the stuff.

    I think Bats used K brass knuckles in the sequel, but that book was crap. DKR rules.