Friday, January 30, 2009

Mugen: Silver Surfer (Update)

Team Omega Pwnage Supreme has released a new version of the Silver Surfer (2.0). I took some time and put the character through it's paces. I had a lot of fun. They added a new mode that allows you to control "Cosmic" Carnage. This version may surprise you. I realize that the previous version I found called "Symbiote Surfer" probably just an edit, but this "Cosmic Carnage" mode that Team Omega Pwnage Supreme has cooked up is simply in league all of it's own. It's actually something similar that happened in the comic books, except the Carnage symbiote nearly possessed the Surfer. Check out Amazing Spider-Man vol I #430-431 (January, 1998-February, 1998). I actually own those issues. And there was a What If? story that I don't own where it gives the scenario that the Carnage Symbiote was not removed from the Surfer found in What If? vol II #108. Find out more information at these two links: EARTH-985 (EARTH-THE AVENGERS BATTLED THE CARNAGE COSMIC) and Silver Surfer - Wikipedia. Here is a table comparing the this new Silver Surfer to the latest versions from Scruffy Dragon and Infinity Mugen Team. This set of test will be similar to the tests ran last time, except it will be ran once with Team Omega Pwnage Supreme's (TOPS) version in normal mode and then in Carnage mode. Here is a sprite from the TOP's version's Carnage mode:

Silver Surfer Mugen Versions



Xboy and Acey889
Isela and Wucash889
Team Omega Pwnage Supreme10810

Symbiote Surfer (Surfer with Venom symbiote)

This post is being done because Team Omega Pwnage Supreme has released their second version of Silver Surfer. It is awesome. Actually "awesome" really isn't the word. It feels more responsive to me and even more fun to play than their first full version. All the sprites look like they have been cleaned up. (He does look more shiny as promised.) I have to admit that at first I had some problems figuring out how to activate Cosmic Carnage mode but once you get it, it's fun. It's kind of hard to pick which mode is the most fun. My favorite Carnage move is finishing an opponent with the black hole move because it sucks the other character into a black whole and the character is just plain gone! They did a wonderful job. This is going to be one character I will be going back to constantly. There are a few notes you should be aware of: you can't download him from the Team Omega Pwnage Supreme webstite because of it's size, just follow the YouTube link in the table above. Have fun playing with the Silver Surfer, I sure did!


  1. Hi Marcus,

    This is a link to download
    Carnage Silver Surfer


  2. Thanks! I used the YouTube link in the chart above. Have you tried it out yet?!? It's a blast!!!

  3. THANK YOU!!

  4. How do you activate Cosmic Carnage.

  5. in the download tells me the file is damaged, cut,
    someone upload the file to megaupload or rapidshare please!