Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Mugen: Rogue (Update-2)

Thanks to volzzilla, I now have those two versions of the Rogues, I had mentioned that I could not get. One was done by XCalibreBlade and the other by Big Eli King. I will pitt this version of Rogue against Splode's. XCalibreBlade's and Big Eli King's version uses the same color paletes as the Infinity Mugen Team version. The main difference between the three versions is that XCalibreBlade's and Big Eli King's can use a variety of other character's attacks. The list of possibilites is the same as Splode's but if you are not fighting any character from Splode's list (see first Rogue post) you can use a different character's special moves each time you kiss the other character. If you are fighting a character from that list, you can only use the powers of that character. Here is the list again so you can see it.

The characters and moves available are as follows:
* Cammy
SPECIAL: Cannon Drill
SUPER: Spin Drive Smasher
* Cyclops
SPECIAL: Optic Blast
SUPER: Mega Optic Blast
* Dhalsim
SPECIAL: Yoga Flame
SUPER: Yoga Inferno
* Juggernaut
SPECIAL: Earthquake
SUPER: Headcrush
* Ken
SPECIAL: Shoryuken
SUPER: Shoryureppa
* Magneto
SPECIAL: Hyper Grav
SUPER: Magnetic Shockwave
* Ryu
SPECIAL: Hadoken
SUPER: Shinkuu Hadoken
* Zangief
SPECIAL: Spinning Piledriver
SUPER: Final Atomic Buster
* Gouki/Akuma
SPECIAL: Zanko Hadoken (air fireball)
SUPER: Tenma Zankuu Hadou
EXTRA SUPER: Shun Goku Satsu (aka Raging Demon - Level 3 only)

Rogue Mugen Versions



Big Eli King678http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TlentXmGr4U

Playing with either of these versions is fun. XCalibreBlade's version tends to a little easier when it comes to using other character's special moves. I see little difference between XCalibreBlade's and Big Eli King's version. I've got to face the fact that using Rogue to pull Capcom character moves is a treat. Here is the video that goes along with this post.


  1. Hi Marcus,

    I have the "greenlantern" version
    and I love it a lot especially
    for his special move, "The Kiss"

    Off topic :
    Can you say me how did you obtain
    the characters "Cannonball" and
    "Sharp" which are by the same
    creator because I look for "Juji"
    by this same creator


  2. Hey, I found Shard and Cannonball from their video demos on YouTube. Each video has a link in the description. If you click on those video in their posts on my blog it will take you to their pages in YouTube and you can see the links to download them.

  3. Hi Marcus,

    Ok, thanks,
    I never paid attention to it.
    I'll verify if it's the case
    for all the videos on Youtube.


  4. Big Eli King and Xcalibreblade are the same person,so just merge the description into one for accuracy(as you are judging different files with the same character)

  5. Thanks for the tip, but I think that I should keep them separate because the two versions have different sizes. I mean that they are not same in terms of the amount of hard drive space on my computer. This is why I thought that they were separate versions of Rogue

  6. isnt there a rogue that absorbs powers from the char himself instead of randimizing it im tryning to make a marvel game away from those stupid forgin comics