Monday, February 23, 2009

Creator Interviews: Sic Graphics Mugen (SGM) Amalgam Project

Volzzilla had the opportunity to speak with one of the team leaders, Sic-1, of the Amalgam. Project. His questions are in black and bold and his answers are in black unbolded. I really appreciate that Sic-1 gave Volzzilla time to answer questions and for Volzzilla to share this with all of us. This post will be talking about the Amalgam Mugen project and will not focus on a single character.

1) Please tell the readers all about the Amalgam project, when the team got together, how the team got together and how the idea for turning Amalgam into MUGEN came about?

The idea of turning Amalgam into MUGEN was in my co-administrator’s head, techimuyo4ever, longer than it was in mine. I wanted to start a project but had no idea what to do…Tenchi was already making Iron Lantern into a full character, and I always loved the Amalgam Comics in the 90's. So I talked to him about making a full game based off of the Amalgam Comics and he was down for it! From that day on, Tenchi and I looked for the best of the best for our team, and I think we found them!

2) Interesting. So I have noticed some Scruffy Dragon Production characters have Amalgam moves. Was there any cooperation towards that and your team project?

Well we do work with the Scruffy Dragon team on some things and after both their project, as well as own project is done we’ll continue with that. SGM and Scruffy Dragon Productions are coming together to do something for the MUGEN world that has never been done.... What is that you may ask?? You are just going to have to wait and see until then.

3) So what are all the current WIPs going through creation right now?

Almost every one of our characters is being made as we speak! And most of those are not being made by just one person; they are team WIP's, so they get done that much faster. Ferroman will be our first beta release, but soon after that Iron Lantern will follow. Super Soilder, Wraith, Dr.Doomsday, DarkClaw, NightCreeper, SpiderBoy, Bizarnage, and Thorion are all also being worked on right now.

4) Very nice, but I have noticed some of them do not have WIP topics on your message board. May I ask why that is the case with: Darkclaw, Nightcreeper, Spiderboy, and Thorian?

We are keeping some stuff hidden for now. But I can tell you it will not be long before people get to see them.

5) Judging by the communities love for Wolverine and Batman, it is a safe bet DarkClaw will be very highly anticipated. May I ask who is working on him, and what has the progress been like thus far?

DarkClaw is being worked on by every single member of the SGM team right now. The reason for this is because we know people would really like to see DarkClaw in the game and play as we are making sure we are doing the very best job we can on him.

6) What other characters are planned WIPs for the future but not currently in production?

Nightspector, Madam Sapphire, Lobo the Duck, Hyena as well as perhaps a few other surprises, including the secret final boss character for our game.

7) I know I speak for many of the readers when I say that I love the general concept of Amalgam characters in MUGEN. Something else that stands out unique about the project are the De-Amalgam moves. Can you tell us more about the general concept behind such moves? Anything else unique you all have planned in regards to the theme of the characters and the project?

For any one that does not know, the De-Amalgam hyper will happen when the character branches out into the counterparts that form the character to deliver one devastating move. Well, these De-Amalgam hypers will be able to be stopped. If the character is hit during the time they are spliting up into their counter parts for the move, they will be forced to fuse back together but in a "Funny Mutated Mess" that should be entertaining for the player to see. We are also adding a second stance to our characters, meaning every character will have 2 stances. For more info on all that, you will just have to wait for the Full Game Release.

8) Please tell the readers what will be in store for them game play wise when the full game is released.

We have spent a lot of time thinking about this and we wanted to do something that has not been done before in a full game. We feel that the "Story Mode" of the game will give people the best MUGEN time they have ever had. And yes, I said "Story Mode".

9) That’s cool. Is there anything you can share story wise concerning your final game project?

Sad to say, but not right now. We have to keep a few more things as surprises for the fans.

10) So what are your thoughts on beta releases in general for characters from this project?

I see the beta releases as a sort of teaser trailer for our final game project. A good look into some of the characters before they get a chance to play the full game. In short, leaving the players with the thought of wanting to play our Amalgam game project that much more because of the time they spent with our beta released characters.

11) Any beta releases coming in the near future?

Keep an eye out for Ferroman sometime soon! And Iron Lantern will be coming not too long afterwards. He is the WIP that started this Project, so we are taking our time with him because we know there are a lot of fans out there highly anticipating him.

We will keep an eye out and the readers can do the same by checking out the following websites:

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