Monday, January 5, 2009

Mugen: Hulk - Update

I was so happy when I found that Buyog has released his version of the Hulk, Savage Hulk. I love Buyog's Hulk's introduction so we can see Banner change into the Hulk. Here is a chart of comparison of Buyog's version versus the winner of my last test.

Hulk Mugen Versions



Buyog & BobStarskyN/AN/A9

Here is my video test for the two Hulk versions together.

I have to admit that I love Buyog and BobStarsky's take on the Hulk. I only wish he was bigger like Mgmurrow's version. Although Mgmurrow's beat the Savage version when controlled by AI, I don't think that it's actually better. They are both awesome. I have to keep both of them in my fighting deck. I like the different intros and outros for the Savage version. Very imaginative. Both of them are great characters for mugen.

Update: On my YouTube page, BobStarsky was kind enough to leave a comment and I have enjoyed his work with Buyog a great deal! He pointed out that Savage Hulk is not complete yet. His AI is not finished yet. This would explain why Mgmurrow's Hulk wiped out Savage Hulk in my tests. Until it is complete, I will enjoy playing with Savage Hulk.

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