Monday, May 31, 2010

Grudge Match - Superman vs Predator

I think under most conditions - like say on earth - the Predator does not have a prayer against Superman. It would be interesting to see how Superman would win and how Predators would try to keep the battle going. Here is what fight might look like in MUGEN.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Released: Supergirl by Toni

Toni has released Supergirl! You can download her by clicking one of her images below. And you can talk about the release here: Supergirl by Toni

Grudge Match - Wolverine vs Predator

I don't care what anyone says I think Wolverine could beat a team of Predators. I don't think it would be a "cake walk" for Wolverine but in the end I know he is brutal enough and skilled enough to make any of the Predators wish they had never hunted him.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Grudge Match - Deadpool vs Predator

A really interesting match up would be Deadpool vs Predator. I think Deadpool could take it due to his skills, healing factor, and insanity. It would be quite an interesting match up

Friday, May 28, 2010

Grudge Match - Deadpool vs Aliens

Could Deadpool really stand against the Aliens? One thing for sure, he is crazy enough to try and I think he could take them out. Here is a scenario in MUGEN.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Grudge Match - Aliens vs Predator

I liked the Aliens vs Predator movies and I wondered how it would play out in MUGEN. Here is what I found.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Survive This: Flash - Wally West

This version of Flash is awesome. I like it. He has all the moves that I have come to expect from other versions of Flash in  MUGEN plus additional ones. I put the character through its paces in Survival mode in MUGEN.


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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Grude Match - Naruto vs Multiple Man

I think Naruto's multiple Shadow Clone technique would be a great match against Multiple Man's mutant power. Because Naruto is a ninja, I think he'll win.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Grudge Match: Samara vs Kasumi

I think Samara would beat Kasumi in a fight because Samara has uses magic. I staged a fight in MUGEN

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Grude Match - Kasumi vs Mai Shiranui

I like both these characters but I think Kasumui has more discipline so she would win in a knockdown fight. I decided to stage a fight in MUGEN. This is the outcome.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Survive This: Atom

You have heard that the The Atom has been updated. Is it worth downloading it and installing? Yes! It's fun and great to use.


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Friday, May 21, 2010

Survive This: Jean Grey

I admit it that I have been looking for a great Jean Grey character for MUGEN and I think I have it now. This one is fun and worth playing with. I took it for a spin in Survival Mode.


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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Survive This: Vixen

As you know, Vixen has been updated and I just love to see how well this character is developing. Each update is better than the last. I took the latest version for a Spin in Survival Mode.


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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Survive This: Multiple Man

I was really looking forward to the release of Multiple Man for MUGEN and I am not disappointed! I love it. It's fun to use. I was wondering how his powers were going to be depicted and I'm real excited. You really should download this one! I took the character for a spin in Survival mode.


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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mugen-Infantry: Automatic Stage Creation Tool

Here is a tool for helping to make your own Stages for MUGEN!


Mugen-Infantry: Automatic Stage Creation Tool

Monday, May 17, 2010

CVG Fest Recap #3

Click the image below to follow what happens for our 1 Year Birthday Celebration!

Team member Heka releases his stage: S.T.A.R.Labs: Secret Grounds! Download it by clicking the image below. You can leave your comments here: S.T.A.R.Labs: Secret Grounds

Today, we are happy to announce a new found partnership between Team CVG and the JL Mugen Team! Discuss this by clicking the image below. The topic will be updated with more news/hosted characters, so stay tuned!

Bizarro_Toro wanted to get involved with CVG Fest by making his very first stage, Irons Basement Workshop for his awesome Steel character. The stage has numerous animations and you will see a lot more than just what is shown in the image as far as scenery. Download it by clicking the image below and you can talk about the release here: Irons Basement Workshop (Steel stage) released by Bizarro_Toro

If none of you ever tried B.Orchid originally, well, now is your chance. Some of the most beautiful sprite work (all from scratch by ahrimanes) went into making her. This version contains some tweaks to the gameplay and a little better AI. To download, click the image and you can discuss the character here: B.Orchid (Killer Instinct) updated and released

As many of you know, Warecus and ALEXZIQ have been totally overhauling Guy Gardner lately. Well, this is your chance to see some of what they have been up to. Talk about what you see here: Guy Gardner video preview

CVG Fest comes out of its 2-day hiatus to bring you one of the most beautifully sprited characters you will ever see. Not only is CVG Friend Ahrimanes very talented, but every single sprite he made for this character (and all of his chars) is made completely from scratch. I hope you all understand the passion and dedication that takes. His Elektra is most notable for her appearances in the Streets of Rage video game series, but who needs that when you have her in Mugen. To download, click the image below, and discuss the release here: Ahrimanes releases Elektra from Streets of Rage beta!

Dr. Doom, Trexrell, and Yin are showing off a sneak peek of Black Adam in action. Talk about this amazing wip by clicking on the image of Black Adam below!

Jmaxximus updates his Predator WIP thread with a couple of awesome maskless sprites ! Click on one of the Predators below to leave your comments and see how this will affect gameplay.

CVG has been very proud of our relationship with Tazzer ever since he has taken to making select screen portrait requests in his request thread here. Well, today we are releasing all of those ports he has made there, plus a few more as a pack altogether. Tow download, click the image and you can discuss the release here: Tazzer Portrait Packs released

Grudge Match - Wolverine and Jubilee vs Batman and Robin

I think that as a team, Batman and Robin could beat Wolverine and Jubilee because Jubilee will do nothing more than slow Wolverine down because he'll be worried about her. Batman does not have to worry about Robin. Robin can handle himself. Here is how such a battle might look using MUGEN.

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

CVG Fest Recap #2

Click the image below to follow what happens for our 1 Year Birthday Celebration!

One of my all time favorite characters was just updated to v1.2 by my good friend AngelEcks exclusively for CVG Fest! Ray Palmer has been updated with new moves, more Indigo Lantern support, bug fixes, new AI, the works. To download, click the image below. When you take the release link, you will see a video of everything in action: AngelEcks updates Atom, Ray Palmer to v1.2!

Surprise released at other places late last night, but we held it off here due to everything else that happened for Day 11. Volcano Night Sight stage by Heka and kain the supreme released. To download, click the image below, and to discuss the release, click this link: Volcano Night Sight stage released

CVG United is always thankful for the community members that we have. We are even more thankful when they want to get involved in our Birthday celebrations. JDubbsIII made his first ever stage to commemorate CVG Fest. And joancarlo also released his edit of Jean Grey too. To find these download links and discuss the releases, click the corresponding image(s) below.

Didn't we say earlier that we love it when our community gets involved in the action for CVG Fest? Well, that especially applies with the release of Multiple Man by SOS_1_Bros. They have been friends of mine for awhile and I am so glad they wanted to get in on CVG Fest with this release and allow us to host it as he is an interesting and fun character. To download him, click the image below. And you can talk about the release here: SOS_1_Bros release Multiple Man

CVG United is now hosting the MK Project by RatonMalo, Interloko, RAM, and Markos. Click the image to download it and discuss this all here: CVG hosts full game MK project

CVG United has gone international. We have now added Spanish and Portuguese speaking sections. Go here for more information: CVG adds Spanish and Portuguese forum sections

Now announcing the release of Vixen RC3 by Trexrell and Yin. Many changes taken into account due to feedback. But there is more to come. To download, click the image below. And discuss the release here: Vixen updated!

Esn23 and Yin show off a sneak peak of Emma Frost's basics. Click the link to discuss this video or the Emma Frost WIP Emma Frost Basics

Forum changes underway including a change in focus: CVG is focusing on CVG

We are now officially announcing the Mortal Kombat vs. Marvel project. By clicking the image, you will go to that forum section. Expect news on it to be given all throughout the day! This news will include new characters being hosted for this project. Those uploaded characters can be seen here: MKvMarvel Characters

Speaking of EGOLESS, he has updated his Flash to where it is basically a brand new character. To download him, click the image below. And to discuss the release here: EGOLESS releases The Flash, Wally West

CVG United would like to officially congratulate EGOLESS for joining the creation team here. Take this link to offer your own congratulations: EGOLESS joins Team CVG!

Nestor and his Capcom Fight All Stars project and CVG have had a very long relationship...almost ever since the forum started. Thanks to him, we are able to show off the first look of one of their new WIPs. You can talk about that here: CFAS Preview: Batsu

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