Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mugen: Gambit

Gambit, in my opinion, is one of the best characters in the X-men series. I like him. He's a loveable rogue. I mean before he was an X-man, he was a thief. He is an excellent fighter in martial arts, and it's hard to argue that his powers are not cool! I mean he can change the energy stored in manner on the sub-molecular level into kinetic energy. In effect, he can turn anything into a bomb. I like the way the character has been handled in the comics. He seems to always walk that line between hero and villain. It was a shock to discover that he had once worked for Mr. Sinister and watch how his teammates dealt with that fact. And then of course back in the early 1990's when time-traveler Bishop accused Gambit of betraying the X-men and killing Professor X. Talk about high Drama! Here is some more detailed information:

I have found 3 versions of Gambit for mugen

Gambit Mugen Versions
Image Creator



AI Look Downloads
Luvly Angel 5 6 6
Infinity Mugen Team 8 8 9
M:Ken 8 8 9 esnips

All in all, the three versions are very similar. The Luvly Angel and Infinity Mugen Team versions are set apart from each other because of AI. The Infinity Mugen Team's Version has a strong AI. The third version, aka Masta Gambit, is different because he can do a somersault that keeps hin min the air a long time and he can either hit his opponent with his staff or with a kick. I enjoyed playing with the Masta Gambit version the most. All three versions do have my favorite move for Gambit: "Royal Flush". He throws a bunch of charged card and then turns his bback as they explode and mess up his opponent. I also like the move where Gambit jumps up and throws a bunch of cards that cause a ground swell of energy to hit his opponent. Please trust I have to put Masta Gambit against Wolverine and Cyclops. Here is the video of my test for Gambit.

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