Friday, February 27, 2009

Mugen: Iron Man (Update )

Iron Man is one of my favorite characters. It has come to my attention that Magus has another version of Iron Man. He sent me a comment on YouTube asking me to use the latest version of his characters if I am going to compare them to others. I'd like to re-state here thatr I intended no harm at all. I used his older version of Iron Man in my poll because I really like it. The heavy artilley uni-beam move is cool.

Iron Man Mugen Variations
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Infinity Mugen Team 8

Magus has really updated Iron Man a great deal. I like all the current hypers but I miss the previous one he called "Heavy Artillery Uni-beam". He was right this version is better. If you want to use Iron Man, Magus' version cannot steer you wrong.

Post Script: Written a day after the above.
This article has come out after I posted the video on YouTube. Magus has commented on the video as being lackluster because of my game play. He'd rather his videos be used to judge the power of his Iron Man. He thinks my video makes his character look bad. I would like to wasn't my intention at all. If you notice I have only respect for this character. To be fair I have posted his videos here:

To also be completely comparing mugen characters several things need to be taken into account in watching videos, things like player skill. Difference in AI also makes computer-controlled matches hard to tell. Just for fun, I pitted Magus' Iron Man against Infinity Mugen Team's Iron Man. I think the best way to judge characters (not creators or players) is using both player controlled matches and AI controlled matches. No offense intended to anyone.


  1. Well, I am not ofended or anything I just dont get it why you still used the older version, also I dont mean to offend you by your skill I hope you improve your game so you can enjoy more the characters, I was used to play on arcades games of all the versus series and the combo skill was everything on those days, now it seem that the AI and effects that cover the screen is all that matters, anyway, I have some things to discuss, you are saying that several things need to be taken into account to compare the characters, still, you only take in consideration 3, Fun factor, AI and Look, Why dont you add gameplay, combo system, animation and frame rate, originality, color palettes, sound or something else that really reflects the work of the creator, I guess those are more important things to see on the chars, that just use them on watch mode and decide who has the better AI, I dont going to argue fun factor because that is your peronal opinion, but what are your bases to decide the value of each thing on AI and look?, you grade the AI the other ironman higher just because it beated mine?, Even when my AI I agree it is not the best, I can tell you when an AI is good or bad for the kind of strategy that the character uses to attack not for the level of dificulty that takes to beat it up, by example there are a lot of chars that people say that have great AI because those chars are hard to beat but nobody sees that some of those chars charge power insanely, do unveliable counters, recover quickly than a normaly char controled by the player and have a lot of invencible moves that make him hard or imposible to hit and thats is because the creator coded it in that way, I see it like cheating to make harder his character and for some thats the "coolest thing", for me, thats a bad AI.
    And the look a tie? again how do you grade it? I agree that the source is capcom design but my ironman has ton of new effects and at least a hundred or more of new sprites that were edited and none come from capcom. I dont understand how ironman gets an 8 on "look" and zatana 2 post down also gets an 8 when the sprite quality of her is not good and the frame rate is very low.

  2. Magus, you suggest more criteria that reflects on the work of the creator a little more, but you miss the point of this blog:
    1. To let other people know about all the great characters people are working on and put them in the context of the original source material.
    2. For a chance to discuss what the characters mean
    3. Look at the mugen community from the players point of view as well as the creator's point of view.

    I realize that a lot goes into what mugen creators do! I will be releasing a post soon that will explain how I am judging characters in detail...which is largely subjective I agree. In my opinion AI rating is how well the character handles in fight...meaning can it win most of the time. Your criteria is different. Nothing wrong with that. You have valid points in your reasoning.

    I'll be putting together more details on ratings soon.

  3. Oh, I didn't used the latest version from to get Iron Man. It's newer than the previous version I tested, but I don't have the version from his latest Iron Man YouTube Video. When it is finished, I am sure that it will be even more fun to play.

  4. it doesnt open dude pls tell another download link this is broken it sais:404 not found pls dude pls