Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mugen: Batman

I have found 4 versions of Batman for MUGEN. The first version I had found was by Magus. It was designed to be used in a project game called Marvel vs DC. It was amazing. But then I found out about someone who took this version and redesigned it a bit. Made the animation a little smoother and added some different moves. The creator goes by the name Spiderbat. And then during an Internet search on YouTube I found a reference to a version where Batman is based on the look of the animated series and has different moves. The 4th version was developed by the Infinity Team Mugen. I think the best way to compare all four versions of Batman is by use of the following table. I will give ratings on a 1 -10 scale. the ratings will be subjective by me.

Batman MUGEN Variations
ImageCreatorFun Factor AILookDownload
Magus756 http://www.esnips.com/doc/1dadbc64-d0ac-4f89-9275-e43163482fc9/Batman-by-Magus
SpiderBat989 http://marvelvsdcu.tripod.com/

Shamrock885 http://shamrockworld.net/characters.htm
Infinity Mugen Team998www.infinitymugenteam.com

Here are the videos I've recorded for the Batman mugen characters. I pitted them against one another. In the test I ran (computer controlling each character) the Shamrock version of Batman fared the best. It beat the other 3 version. The following is a playlist of the official tests I ran:

In conclusion, I think that all 4 versions are great. Each offers somethings that the others do not. Although the Magus version I found is not complete as the others are, but it is the version upon which all the others are based. I think out of the 4, I like the Spiderbat version best if I judge using aesthetic qualities. It looks like how I think Batman should look and I like his hypers the best. Although the Shamrock version won all the one-on-one duels, I must admit that the winning character in a mugen fight, with well-balanced characters (i.e. fair), is determined by the skill of the player. I think that a skilled player can do very well with any of these versions of Batman. There is another version of Batman that I have seen that is modeled after Frank Miller's "Dark Knight Returns" comic book. As of yet, I haven't been able to find him in order to judge how he stacks up to these four.


  1. NEW ... BATMAN justice league task force 2008 ;)
    (http://www.dark-spiderbat.blogspot.com/ )

  2. Spiderbat, thanks for letting me know of your update. I've posted about it at http://mmcelhaney-fiction.blogspot.com/

  3. I think you forgot about Alucard's Batman, That one has batzzaro pallete and many others that have their own specials. That Batman Is Awesome.

    And I think one of that batman's hypers are on hold for an amalgam.