Saturday, December 27, 2008

Mugen: Spider-man

Spider-man is my all-time favorite fictional character. I like how he is constantly forced to choose to do the right thing even when it's inconvenient for him personally. He does the right thing because it's right not because it is easy. There are several different version of him for MUGEN. My favorites are the one's by Seth Zankuten and Erradicator. Here is a table comparing the different versions I have found.

Spider-man Mugen Versions



Spider-manSeth Zankuten899
Symbiote Spider-man Seth Zankuten899
Spider-manInfinity Team Mugen
Scarlet SpiderFreeMadisonN/AN/A9Looking for this one
Iron SpiderUnknownN/AN/A9Looking for this one

Unfortunately, I was not able to find Iron Spider, Spider-man (Ben Reily version), or Scarlet Spider yet. In the meantime the other versions of Spider-man is great. Seth Zankuten's and Erradicator's versions are the most popular. Seth's version is part of a major project pitting Marvel characters against DC characters. The following is a playlist showing the different moves of the various versions and the Spider-man versions dueling each other.


  1. Hi,

    It's a very nice initiative
    and very well designed.

    If you want you can add
    this new character
    You can find it here
    For a picture, it is easily discoverable
    on internet


  2. Hey, Thanks for the information. I think I will add Captian Universe. I forgot that I had that character already because it's not part of my normal rotation. I agree that it should be added however. I think I will make it a new post. Thanks again!

  3. Hi,

    The character "Iron Spider" himself
    don't exist but there is a file act
    in the character "Symbiote Spider-man"
    (created by Seth Zankuten) to transform
    the character in Iron Spider.

    In passing I like very much you blog
    (I've "visited" it up and down)
    and I've especially appreciated
    your article about the black super-heroes


  4. Hi.
    You already have the Ben Reilly version. It's the last Spidey at your list.
    I found on the web another Spider-Man, the Spider-man 2099 version:

  5. I put that version in the list because I know it's coming but hasn't been released yet. I'm hoping that it will be soon. Thanks for the comment

  6. Hi Marcus,

    the Spider-man 2099 version
    can be seen and downloaded here :
    I can't remember that it's worth,
    there is 1 year what I didn't use it.


  7. Seth Zankuten.....That Symbiote Spider-man is NOT mine.

  8. i made one iron spider on youtube search iron spider wip mugen

  9. Spider-man 2099 is already available for download in esnips. Also in Mugen Fighters Guild an improved version of symbiote spider-man is already available. I also saw someone making a Scarlet Spider on that forum but it seems that it's not yet available for download. Yes, you already have the second spiderman (Ben Reily). It is the last one in your list. I don't know if there's a specific name for that one.

  10. iron spider is being made by auoig in youtube.