Thursday, August 26, 2010

Grudge Match: Guyver vs Predator

I wondered what would happen if Guyver fought a Predator. I think the Predator would loose. The Guyver is better armed and underneath that he's human and I'd root for him. Still, I think the battle would be incredible. I decided to stage a possible scenario in MUGEN.


  1. I like the guyver as will but first of all the guyver is not that fast and his regeneration ability isn't that fast. Ultimate guyver is too cheating but yes if guyver and predator was to fight guyver would win.

  2. Have predator guyver. shit would fly then. Seriously though... guyver not fast, nah - he is. Would agree that guyver would undoubtably beat pred hands down.