Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mugen Summary for January

Volzzilla has been kind enough to give us a full summary of what was released in the Mugen Community for January 2009. If anything is missing, please feel free to speak up. Please join me in thanking Volzzilla, and all the creators in the Mugen community for their painstaking hardwork and talent!

January Marvel/DC Releases and Updates

Infinity Mugen Team’s various releases and updates:

The Infinity Mugen Team released Beta Version 4.0 of their headline team project, Marvel vs. Capcom: Eternity of Heroes. The following characters have not received independent releases and are only playable in their beta form in the game:

- The Punisher, Wolvenom, Captain Mar-Vell, Sentry

To download it, go to: Infinity Mugen Team and click projects.

Redhot, of Infinity Mugen Team has released Marvel vs Capcom 3: The Final Battle of Heroes; Beta edition

- In its Beta edition, only 6 characters are currently available but it gives you a taste of what is to come.

Ms. Marvel by UltraRoboNinja and Zvitor was updated with the following changes:

- more sprites to binary mode

- more damage and combos do binary mode

- less damage to some specials

- more faster basics

- more combos and linked with specials

- AI for binary mode

- More useful prism blast

- some beams and hit sparks changes

To read about this update, go to Miss Marvel by UltraRoboNinja and ZVitor v1.1

To download this current version, go to Infinity Mugen Team and search through the characters section

Mr. Fantastic by Zvitor was updated with the following changes:

- Satellite beam and movement

- quit propeller arms if hold down

- control glide left and right

- ball attack if kick while in glide

- less damage to FF hyper and it is level 1 now

To read about this update, go to Mr. Fantastic by ZVitor v1.1

To download this current version, go to Infinity Mugen Team and search through the characters section

Daredevil by Team Spoiler announced their updated to version 1.41 at the IMT Forum, with the following changes:

- asymmetric sprites ! (chest logo and billy club holster look right on both sides of the screen)

- new face

- new stance

- some sprites edited in the grab animation

- new intro : Born Again

To read about this update and to download, go to Daredevil v 1.41

As part of Scruffy Dragon Productions 12 days of Christmas, many releases were made in January:

Ironman version .99 was released by Magus with the following changes:

- speed and movement improved

- new acts, effects, and sprites

- fly mode and throws

- custom states (burned, electrocuted, iced)

- iron torpedo new super

- classic proton cannon added

- air strike new hyper

- ironmen assemble new hyper

To read about this release, go to On the 8th day of Christmas -

Isela and Twinmage released their Alpha version of Darkseid.

To read about this release, go to On the 9th day of Christmas -

Salvage Hulk version 1.0 was released by Bobstarsky and Buyog with the following additions:


- Hulk Bash (charge B, F + kick)

- Hulk Smash (D, DF, F + punch)

- Road Rage (Hold down and press all 3 punch buttons to grab some asphalt... then press any attack button to throw it)


- Hulk Smash (hyper) (D, DF, F + 2 punches)

- Thunderclap (D, DB, B + 2 punches)

- Rage mode (D,DB,B + punch and kick of equal strength)

To read about this release, go to On the 10th day of Christmas -

Tunglasher later upgraded the AI with a downloadable patch that was approved by Bobstarsky and Buyog. You can find it at Savage Hulk AI -

Electro Beta version 0.4 was released by verz36 and Wucash

To read about this release, go to On the 11th day of Christmas -

Superboy version .95 was released by Titan Goku and Seth Zankuten with totally updated gameplay changes that fit more in line with his comic counterpart.

To read about this release, go to Happy 3 Kings Day -

At that location you can also find a brand new stage by Wucash named Titan Tower

Invisible Woman Alpha release by Angelic Charon was also announced at

To read about this release, go to New Years Gift Release #2 of 2 from Angelic Charon -

The Russian Killer from ‘The Punisher’ series was released by cravb at the SonicX/Team Spoiler message board. To learn more about this character you can click the following links:

Russian (comic book character) -

Russian (comics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

To read about the release yourself and download, go to SonicX :: russian killer "punisher"

MarvelvsDCU’s Demon06 updated his version of the Green Lantern.

To find out more information, as well as to find the download, go to SonicX :: Green Lantern by Demon06 updated[/b]

Arellon released a number of Marvel and DC stages at the SonicX/Team Spoiler message board. Stages created focused on the following characters:

- Batman, Dr. Doom, Flash, Ironman, Joker, Red Skull, Ultron

To read about it for yourself and find the download locations, go to SonicX :: arellon Marvel vs DC Stage

Sic – 1 from Sic Graphics Mugen Team and their Amalgam project released the following stage:

Gotham Rooftops!!! Released!!!

The Unlimited released the following stages from this announcement, Unlimited :: View topic - NEW YEAR'S RELEASE OF... UNEXPECTANCY?

- GCPD Break In, Hydra Base, Scaffold, Siberian Outpost, Sanctum Sanctorum

Then, as part of their 15 days of Chinese New Years Release Party, the Unlimited released the following stages:

- Stages: League Of Assassins HQ, Gotham Bay, Crime Alley, Suicide Slum, Stamford At Dawn, A Night At The Fairgrounds

Take the following link for download locations:

And finally, as part of Favorite Fiction’s release coverage of Team Omega Pwnage Supreme’s Silver Surfer version 2.0:

- Team Omega Pwnage Supreme Interview

- T.O.P.S. Silver Surfer 2.0 Review

- Promotional YouTube video plus download (make sure you click more info to find the location): Silver Surfer Version 2 released

Mugen: Onslaught

In a major battle with one of the X-Men's most powerful enemies, Magneto, Xavier temporarily mind wiped Magneto out of anger. Magneto nearly killed Wolverine because he brutally ripped the adamantium off of Wolverine's bones and through the pores of his skin. Ouch. Because of the guilt he felt, Magneto had been Xavier's best friend once, Charles developed a split personality. Xavier also absorbed some of Magneto's personality and powers. This personality, known as Onslaught, threatened the entire Marvel Universe, until the combined efforts of the Fantastic Four, Avengers, and X-Men stopped him. I have found 3 versions of Onslaught for mugen.

Check out the following links for more information

Onslaught Mugen Versions



By Onslaughtx887Download
By Overlander

By Excursion & Stever76 (Infinity Mugen Team)

I don't really like the Overlander version all that well. It's slow and it does not have many moves. The OnslaughtX version is a lot of fun, but a tad overpowered. It's mega blast move is usually enough to stop anyone. Two of them, and the fight is usually over. Kinda cheap, but fun to do. I only wish that he could kick and punch. As for the symbiote version. It's the fastest, easier to control and has a lot of moves. I'm not sure if any of these are complete but I like the Symbiote Onslaught and Onslaughtx's Onslaught.

Here are the video tests I ran.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Mugen: Magneto

I'm torn about what I think about Magneto. I realize that he is a villain and repudiate his willingness to kill anyone who gets in his way. However, due to the suffering of his life, he has come to the idea that the only way to protect mutants is to kill normal people and control the world. Magneto thinks that the reason why mutants are hated is that they are better and the next stage of evolution. Like Professor X, Magneto's fictional idealology has real-world parallels. That is why I find the character so interesting and I feel for the guy. Magneto does not realize that he is doing the same thing that the Nazi's did when they killed his family for being Jewish. Here is a link for more information:

Visit this

I have found several versions of Magneto in Mugen

Magneto Mugen Versions



By Nobuyuki658Unknown
By Sunboy879
By Infinity Mugen Team
By BillyKane657Request from BillyKane (
By Fiery Storm657

Out of the four, the Infinity Mugen Team's version was the best with Sunboy's version being a close second. They both play like Capcom's incarnations but the Infinity Mugen Team adds more moves and seems to all the player to play more like Magneto. Magneto is powerful and ruthless, you should be able to play that way too. Infinity Mugen Team did a great job in putting the player in Magneto's boots. Fiery Storm's version is coming along. It's only 95% done but I think it's worth checking it's progress.

Here is my test video playlist.

Mugen: Silver Surfer (Update)

Team Omega Pwnage Supreme has released a new version of the Silver Surfer (2.0). I took some time and put the character through it's paces. I had a lot of fun. They added a new mode that allows you to control "Cosmic" Carnage. This version may surprise you. I realize that the previous version I found called "Symbiote Surfer" probably just an edit, but this "Cosmic Carnage" mode that Team Omega Pwnage Supreme has cooked up is simply in league all of it's own. It's actually something similar that happened in the comic books, except the Carnage symbiote nearly possessed the Surfer. Check out Amazing Spider-Man vol I #430-431 (January, 1998-February, 1998). I actually own those issues. And there was a What If? story that I don't own where it gives the scenario that the Carnage Symbiote was not removed from the Surfer found in What If? vol II #108. Find out more information at these two links: EARTH-985 (EARTH-THE AVENGERS BATTLED THE CARNAGE COSMIC) and Silver Surfer - Wikipedia. Here is a table comparing the this new Silver Surfer to the latest versions from Scruffy Dragon and Infinity Mugen Team. This set of test will be similar to the tests ran last time, except it will be ran once with Team Omega Pwnage Supreme's (TOPS) version in normal mode and then in Carnage mode. Here is a sprite from the TOP's version's Carnage mode:

Silver Surfer Mugen Versions



Xboy and Acey889
Isela and Wucash889
Team Omega Pwnage Supreme10810

Symbiote Surfer (Surfer with Venom symbiote)

This post is being done because Team Omega Pwnage Supreme has released their second version of Silver Surfer. It is awesome. Actually "awesome" really isn't the word. It feels more responsive to me and even more fun to play than their first full version. All the sprites look like they have been cleaned up. (He does look more shiny as promised.) I have to admit that at first I had some problems figuring out how to activate Cosmic Carnage mode but once you get it, it's fun. It's kind of hard to pick which mode is the most fun. My favorite Carnage move is finishing an opponent with the black hole move because it sucks the other character into a black whole and the character is just plain gone! They did a wonderful job. This is going to be one character I will be going back to constantly. There are a few notes you should be aware of: you can't download him from the Team Omega Pwnage Supreme webstite because of it's size, just follow the YouTube link in the table above. Have fun playing with the Silver Surfer, I sure did!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mugen: Professor X

Professor Charles Xavier is a notable character for a variety of reasons. He's not just a powerful telepath, a genius, rich, but he also founded and leads the X-Men. Without him there would be no X-Men. I like Xavier a lot because he believes that although many normal humans fear and hate mutants, that humans and mutants can co-exist peacefully. He does not consider either humans or mutants as being better or worse than the other. Although mutants are a fiction, we can draw parallels to any of the polarizing differences in people for our society such as race, nationality, or gender. Throughout history these differences cause people to think of themselves as less than or greater than others. This is where fiction becomes very interesting. X-men is a way to explore and discuss these issues in an interesting way. I admit it: I love it.

Xavier's battles are not just with people who threaten the world and his goals. He also has a physical affliction. He is condemned to be in a wheel chair for the rest of his life. How is that for drama.

Xavier is not just interesting for exploring racism or classism, but also exploring what it means to be human. Xavier is not just a superhero, and faultless father figure to the X-Men. Professor X has made mistakes in his life and is trying to make up for them. He has tended to keep his emotions and feelings in check because He knows that he can force those thoughts and feeling on others. This is why he hardly ever goes all out with his full power.

Here is more information:

I have found one version of Professor X for Mugen

Professor X Mugen Versions



By Shinkoheo
Not CompleteNot Complete9Unknown

It looks like a good start. He only has two special moves: a mind blast and he can freeze his opponent. I'd like to see a shield of some kind. Also maybe a move where he rams his opponent with the wheel chair. I also think a special hyper move could be that he takes control of his opponent and makes them do their most devastating hyper on themselves! That would take some coordination with other characters but I think it would be cool. If anyone knows of a more complete version of Professor X for mugen, would you please let me know in the comments section of this post.

Here is the video test:

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Top 10 Marvel Heroes of 2008

Well, I did a post for the top 10 villains of 2008, so here is Marvel's picks for the top ten heroes of the Marvel Universe in 2008. You can read the article and then watch the video!

Websites to Visit: The Unlimited

I just happened to look up The Unlimited website and I have to admit that I am even more impressed. It is gorgeous. The previous version was great too, but more simple in comparison. Lots of "eye candy". It's also obvious that they are repositioning themselves for even more great changes and releases. If you have never been to this site, you must definitely go. The Unlimited

More WIPs for Mugen

Thanks again for Volzzilla for helping me by finding out about the following WIPs. Again if anyone knows about any information contained in here that is incorrect I would by more than happy to fix them. Again it's too much for one or two people to keep track thanks for any help you will provide.

Additional WIPs
NameImageCreatorInfo Link
Ten from Batman Beyond alex87

Batman Beyond

Jason Todd, Spiderbat, and Alexziq
Bane Jmaxximus

Onslaughtno imageXslaught


Dr. Strange Spooky77
Medieval SpawnDark Talbain
U.S. Agent

U.S. Agent by Jason Todd and SpiderMew


Cyborg SupermanKal-Elvis

Stargirl Shun Andromeda
Supergirl Shidokk and Kojunho
Dark Phoenix Tooya

JeffPR and Magus

UltronunknownMcCready & Enzo Unknown
Dr. Octopus verz36

White Queen esn23
U.S. Agent Crow

Black Adam FireWater

Amalgram's WraithDark claw
Amalgram's Super SoldierDuratan
Amalgram's Dr. Doomsday

Amalgram's Iron Lantern Tenchimuyo4ever
Amalgram's Lobo the Duck Sic-1

Amalgram's Biznarnage Manic

Amalgram's Hyena Sic-1

Amalgram's Ferro ManNo ImageSic-1
Red Tornado jlg6184

Mr. Freeze ColdPyro

Booster Gold rozeros
The Maxx Apocalypse