Tuesday, March 17, 2009

March Madness - Mugen style

To help celebrate one of the greater events in all of sports, Favorite Fiction Blog has decided to have its own tournament. Thirty-two characters are selected from a wide range and then will be randomly slotted into the bracket to fight against each other until one is crowned the champion.

The kicker to all this, we want your participation! The first 32 readers can select one character to represent them in this tournament. And if your representative wins, you will be awarded a small prize that will be revealed later. So you know, the prize is nothing of monetary value or material gain, just something cool you will appreciate.

To enter, pick a pool of five characters from the list we provided, and order them in preference. Then mail this list to ff_blog@yahoo.com, while also giving us a short name to show who you are so this can be shown to all who the character is fighting for. We will try to choose your highest preference, but depends on when you get your entry in. First come, first served to choosing a single representative. We will mail you confirmation of who your character is, and will try to keep the list updated on: http://www.youtube.com/user/volzzilla in the info section.

The following characters for this pool were selected for certain reasons. The first determinant was trying to get a wide range of creator representation. The second factor was making an attempt to get more non-Marvel characters. And the final thing taken into account, play balance. Obviously some may be a little stronger than others, but there are not any superpowered characters, nor supremely weak ones either. This is why some characters were left out. Here is the character list:

Aquaman Infinity Mugen Team

Batman Infinity Mugen Team

Green Arrow Infinity Mugen Team

Blackcat Infinity Mugen Team

The Thing Infinity Mugen Team

Ms. Marvel Infinity Mugen Team

Mr. Fantastic Infinity Mugen Team

Savage Hulk Scruffy Dragon Productions

Iron Man Scruffy Dragon Productions

Lobo Scruffy Dragon Productions

Bishop Scruffy Dragon Productions

Green Lantern Scruffy Dragon Productions

Etrigan Scruffy Dragon Productions

Spiderman Scruffy Dragon Productions

Carnage Scruffy Dragon Productions

Hobgoblin Team Spoiler

Joker Team Spoiler

Robin Team Spoiler

Deadpool The Unlimited

Bane Loganir

Silver Surfer Team Omega Pwnage Supreme

Jean Grey Comedy Haha, Modified By Sabranigudu

Martian Manhunter Jhonny DC

Rorschach SeanAltly

Quasar bdcirck

Spawn ER, Modified By Hioushi

Cyclops Reza

Colossus Cloudious

Cable Cloudious

Storm Sunboy

Psylocke Sunboy

Rogue Splode

Both myself and mmcelhaney will be conducting the fights, so there may be AI patch discrepancies or not, that is just one of the factors you will have to use when making your selections. The fight format will be turn-based, three on three, with multiples of your representative on either side.

So email your preferences of characters quickly to ff_blog@yahoo.com so we can slot you in as soon as we can.


  1. I think i will put my hopes in Etrigan

    -Dark Claw (SGM TEAM)-

  2. i'm taking Lobo for the win


  3. I am with Scruffy Iron Man


  4. I'm with for the Hulk