Monday, February 2, 2009

Mugen: Spider-man 2099

When I did my Spider-man in Mugen post, a got a couple of comments for links for Spider-man 2099. I did not include Spider-man 2099 in my Spider-man post because this version of Spider-man was not Peter Parker. His real name is Miguel O'hara.

Back in the early 1990's, Marvel started a line of comic book series that imagined several of their characters in a future time. All the books took place in the same universe, and had the same back drop. Spider-man was one of those characters. He had his own book written by one of my all-time favorite writers, Peter David. I loved everything about that series and I was sad when it was canceled. He had all of the first Spider-man's powers with a few tweaks. His web shooters were organic like they are in the Spider-man films and in the MTV television series. And Miguel had retractable talons, super strength, and agility. I loved the costume too. I loved the action, drama, supporting cast, and humor. It was excellent.

I don't know if anyone else watched it, but there was a series on television for Fox kids called Spider-man Unlimited (picture on the right). It wasn't well received because our Spider-man traveled to another earth where everything looked futuristic. The truth is I think it failed because they were trying to copy Batman Beyond but keep it about Peter Parker. They should have just made a Spider-man 2099 series and just adapted the comic. But no. Oh well, I guess they'll get it right one day.

I have heard that some group was putting together a Marvel 2099 project for Mugen. I'm not sure if the version of Spider-man 2099 is designed for that project or not. Here are some links for that project:

Mugen Site: Marvel the Outsider
Marvel Comics and Mugen fan site.

I have found one version of Spider-man 2099 in Mugen

Spider-man 2099 Mugen Versions



By Medrops87

Playing with the character is great. The truth is it plays like a solid Spider-man character. The stances and moves look different but it's not something we haven't seen before. Still I recommend adding him to your mugen, especially if you are a fan.

Here is the video test


  1. dude your the bomb,this site rules!!

  2. there's an updated version in scruffydragon