Friday, June 12, 2009

Mugen: Spider-man Master List

As you may already know that there are several versions of Spider-man around for MUGEN. I decided to re-examine the different versions. I am currently aware of 11 different versions of Spider-man for MUGEN. They are all wonderful and offer things that the others don't. I'm planning several new Grudge Match posts featuring Spider-man and that brought up a question. Out of 11 versions which versions should I use? Here is a summary of all the versions under considerations:

Spider-man Mugen Versions



Spider-manSeth Zankuten899
Symbiote Spider-man Seth ZankutenNA



Not Released Yet
Spider-manInfinity Team Mugen
Scarlet SpiderFreeMadisonN/AN/A9Looking for this one
Iron SpiderUnknownN/AN/A9Looking for this one


Acey,Jason Todd, and r@ce45868Infinity Mugen Team

I have ran a few tests pitting the different versions against one another. Here are the top ones on my list and why. These version will show up in Grudge Matches.

1. ZVitor's Spider-man
I love this version. You have a lot of moves that executed differently than all other versions. I love the "machine-gun" web ball when you can shoot many, many shots at your opponent. I also like the move when Spider-man shoot two weblines into the ground and uses them to sling shot himself into his opponent. By far his favorite move of mine is called "One for J.J." which is a hyper where Spider-man shoots a picture and you see Spider-man attack and snap shots are taken every few seconds. IT is really cool! I love how it looks and it's never the same twice! It however can be blocked.

2. Acey and Sludge's Spider-man
This version is also really, really cool! I love the changes that were made. You still have good symbiote moves but I really like the Iron Spider Hyper. This version must be included in your MUGEN roster. I love the sprite work. He also controls really well.

3. Erradicator's Spider-man
One of my favorite Spider-man since I first started paying attention to MUGEN. The first thing that got my attention about this version is the really cool video introduction when you select him in Arcade mode. In terms of play, I like the way the character fights. It is easy to pull off moves like the web throw that I always had problems pulling off in the arcades and Playstation. You really need this one!

4. Empawk's Spider-man
Since the first time I put this version on my blog there has been a lot of controversy. Apparently this is an edited character. I've never gotten the full story but I tend to think that the character is fun in it's own right. It is very powerful...some think over-powered. But setting all that aside, it is a part of my mugen roster. Give it a try.

Here is the test video:


  1. I think Seth's ZVitor's and Acey's Spiderman are the best. I like ZVitor's the best because it feels really different from the MVC version. Seth's is great, though the only problem I have with it, is its insane AI.

  2. I like Seth's the most, but Acey, and Zvitor's are good to play with, too.

  3. Nice update! I'm always visiting this site for this spider-man characters. I'm using Empawk's Symbiote Spider-man,Seth Zankuten' Spider-man, Medrop's Spider-man 2099 and they are good. I have few questions:

    1. What is the difference between amazing spider-man and spiderman?

    2. Why other version's of spider-man are posted on a different page?

    I also emailed Medrop once and sad to say he already stop playing MUGEN. I'm hoping that someone will continue his spider-man 2099.

  4. ZVitor's Spidey will always remain the best in my book

  5. the best spiderman for me is ZVitor's...he moves like the spiderman should be

  6. seth zankuten version has crazy ai!!! not very good

  7. i can defeat any kind of version of spidey using erradicators classic spidey...