Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Eternity of Heroes Review

I've already announced that Infinity Mugen Team has released a version of their game "Marvel vs Capcom: Eternity of Heroes". It's amazing. It's designed to come down as nearly single executable so it's not possible to take individual stages or characters and incorporate them in other games. There are 4 characters that have only been released in this game and this is the only way to play them: Punisher, Sentry, Wolvenom, and Captain Mar-Vell. In the coming weeks I will be doing a post for each one. In the meantime, I want to make a few general comments. I think the select screen is awesome. It's unique. I've never seen any select screen like this one. I like the music too. And it is much fun to use. I highly recommend people who want a good mugen game to download this one. They even did a great job keeping the size of the game relatively small. One gigabyte, zipped is pretty small considering what the game all contains. Also it should be easy enough to download for anyone on a broadband internet connection, which is most people.

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  1. this site is the shit! keep coming back :P mugen rocks