Sunday, February 15, 2009

Polls - Results: Which Characters would you like to see in Mugen

For the past week, I have conducted a poll on this blog. One for DC Characters and one for Marvel characters. Here are results below. As you can see the clear winner was Supergirl for DC. The next top spots are are Hawkman and Hawkgirl. Fortunately there are two versions of Supergirl and a version of Hawkman in development. I've been looking for a Supergirl for a long time so I am very excited.

by Shidokk, Kojunho

by Toni

by ZVitor
As for the Marvel side, Dr Strange,Blade, and Angel were the clear winners, respectively. Fortunately again we do have talented people working on these characters.

by Spooky77

By Super_Joker

By Apocalypse

For updates on these WIPs, you can get the links from my earlier post called Mugen WIPs Summary.


  1. You forget BLADE my friend!!

  2. Sorry, I did not not understand the comment, Max.

  3. i dont agree with those poll results...they're just plain wrong...Vixen - 1% oh c'mmon that cannot be true...people the most kicking ass DC character ever deserves more you know...but 1% - that's not fair !

  4. I like to see puma from spiderman in mugen.