Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mugen: Daredevil

Daredevil has become one of my favorite Marvel Characters. I like his powers and the duality of his character: Lawyer by day and vigilante by night. It's almost two opposed drives at war with one another. I think what keeps him sane is the fact that Matt Murdock's competing alter egos are actually on the same side and have the same goal: Justice. The difference is that during the day he puts on a business suit and fights for justice using the law in the court room. But at night he puts on a mask and uses his superpowers, martial arts, and agility to beat up the people he could not get in the courtroom to bring them to justice. I personally don't know if I could keep those worlds separate and one could argue, if you read the comics, that he can't either. It is fun to see him try, and root for him, and feel for him.

As for his powers, he is truly unique among superheroes. I mean the man is blind. However the same accident that robbed him of his sight, blessed him with augmenting and increasing his other four senses: touch, smell, hearing, and taste. The man is living crime lab. He can tell you how many salt crystals there are on a cracker. Identify someone by their scent or heartbeat. He can even tell if someone is lying by listening to his heartbeat. His sense of touch allows him to balance and give him great agility. The truly amazing thing is however is that his hearing is so acute that he can from mental pictures in his mind using sound bouncing off object around him like radar - his radar sense. His brain uses sound while the rest of us use light to see.

I have found one version of the character for mugen. I will use the latest version for this review.

Daredevil Mugen Versions



TEAMSPOILER AND ZAMTONG AND DAREDEVIANT868http://www.infinitymugenteam.com/

This character is fun to use. I don't think it's complete yet, but it is very fast, almost too fast. When I went for a jump, I found I had often jumped much further than I had intended. That came in handy on many occasions because I could dodge attacks. I loved the moves where I could throw the billy club and the punching and kicking is very satisfying. The one thing that I think that would make this character much more fun would be to find some way to incorporate his "radar sense" in some way. When I saw the film creators talk about making a movie, they said that this was the hardest part of making Daredevil: What does "radar sense" look? How do you communicate that to an audience? I think they came up with a great solution. For mugen I think what would work is that Daredevil could throw his billy club at a light source, temporarily making the stage go dark. Then the opponent could only face the opposite direction Daredevil is attacking from and only the combatants could be visible. It would only make sense in an indoor stage and for a very limited time and maybe not with all characters. Just an idea.

Here is the video of my tests:


  1. Try his one (http://rapidshare.com/files/202171544/DevilJ1.rar.html) marcus it's better.

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