Thursday, February 26, 2009

Re-Imagining Iron Man

Over my life time, and before 1989 with Tim Burton's Batman, most times characters are adapted from comic books into either cartoons or live-action movies have failed. Why? Because when the property. They change it. Often times it looks nothing like the source material. The only time I have seen this work is when Blade was turned into a half vampire...originally he was not. The reason why all the Spider-man animated series worked and the three films except Spider-man Unlimited was because Unlimited was nothing like the comics. The reason why all the DC animated series and films have worked since 1992 is because they stayed true to the source material. Wolverine and the X-men is much like the comics except Wolverine is emphasized. In my opinion, they should have just made solo Wolverine series, but I'll forgive it. Unfortunately, I'm not sure Iron Man: Armored Adventures is going to work well. The made Tony and his friends teenagers. I think they did it to make the show appeal to younger kids! I'd rather they put someone else in the suit because I think who Tony Stark is will be lost in the series. Here is a trailer:

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