Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mugen: Doomsday

Doomsday is a famous character. Anyone that can take down Superman and the Justice League (okay, it was a wussy line up but still a feat), deserves some credit. Superman versus Doomsday is one of the greatest battles ever in comic books. Superman and Doomsday have tangled many times but I can't think of Doomsday outside of the context of his rivalry with Superman. Doomsday is more like a force of nature than a person. He just kills everything. When Doomsday is loose, he must be stopped or everything on the planet would be destroyed. You can read more information about him at:

I have found 4 versions for Doomsday in mugen.

Doomsday Mugen Versions



By Lord Sinistro567
By Alexziq (Sprites Edit)
By Lord Sinistro (Programming)
9For Info

The first two Doomsday characters that I have are not complete so I'm really looking forward to Gyokland's version but it has not been released yet. That being said, I like the two that I have, especially the second one. I admit it seems like a Hulk edit, but I've got to admit it allows you to fight brutally....and yes, there will be blood....lots of it when you use this guy. My favorite move is where Doomsday skewers the other character with the bone protrusions on his fist and then throws them into the air, beat him under ground and then toss them on the ground. An impressive move! I also, think that the move where Doomsday punches the other character and then punches them on the ground. The third Doomsday seems to be the same as the second Doomsday version except that this version is smoother than the second version. It's cleaner, but I think it's much the same thing. I'm not sure it the second and third versions have the same creators so I listed the third version separately in case they are not the same version.

Here is a video of the tests

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