Monday, August 31, 2009

CVG United's Preview Week Finale

"What we've been building up to all this time! "

It is finally the last day of the event, and what do we have in store for you, a truly amazing character by and Zvitor. We hope to have a few other things for the day, but John Stewart is definitely the showstopper! Thank you all for checking the place out during this time and I hope you enjoy John Stewart and the other creations that were released during this time and decide to make CVG United one of the Mugen forums you will frequent as we'd love to have you as a member of our community. To discuss today's events, go here: Preview Week Finale

Now featuring this special sneak preview. The video you are seeing is a teaser of some of the characters you are already familiar with in the Crisis in the Multiverse project. But you will also get a first look at some other characters that have never been seen before in game action. Hope you all enjoy! To discuss this video, follow link: Crisis In The Mugen Multiverse Teaser

From Zvitor regarding the Green Lantern John Stewart Release: No evil shall escape!!! My char #11, needed a coder, and i always wanted make a lantern, and all lived happily ever after. Almost, John was my more difficult char, was not easy find effects to him and stay acurate with comics. To go to the release thread, please take this link: John Stewart by and ZVitor v1.0

Mugen: Isaiah Bradley

Isaiah BradleyImage via Wikipedia

Never let it be said that there are no new MUGEN characters being released! On top of that we have new quality Mugen Characters. ZVitor and Cormano's take on a character that means a lot to me from Marvel Comics. Isaiah is an unsung forgotten Hero of the United States of the Marvel Universe. While Steve Rogers volunteered to become Captain America, Isaiah was experimented upon along with his whole unit and he was the only survivor. The story is chronicled in 2003's Truth: Red, White, and Black. It makes sens and although the super soldier serium that gave Captain America his powers is fictional, our government did experiments on African-Americans like the Nazis did on the Jews in real life. I once read an interview by the series writer. He pointed out that given the culture of the time it did not make sense that the government would test on white people (reference the Tuskegee Syphilis experiments). So Isaiah did manage to gain many of the benefits of the super soldier serum but with an unfortunate side effect: mental deterioration. The version of the serum Isaiah got isn't the same as Rogers got.

Image Hosting

Now back to the mugenization of the character. It is plainly awesome and fun to play. It has a flavor of being Captain America without being Captain America. Isaiah's arsenal makes the game play very different. I love the animation. This is one character you should get if you have not downloaded it already!

Here are some links to more information on the character
Isaiah Bradley - Wikipedia
Announcement of the Character's existence

Here is a video demo. I really need to practice more with Isaiah Bradley, but that is going to be fun!

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Preview Week Day 6 Further Announcements

Okay, so I admit, there is no brand new character to download today. You have to admit, going 5 for 5 with character releases was impressive yet difficult for such a new team and forum community. Maybe this will partially satisfy those that are disappointed we could not go 6 for 6. You should check in on the download section periodically as it will still be getting some additions for the rest of today and into tomorrow. What am I talking about you ask? Now announcing our characters section will be growing from numerous host requests we were granted. And to start things off, I give you the partner in crime to one of our proudest releases of the event, The Joker. Harley Quinn by Batzarro and ALEXZIQ is now hosted at CVG! Watch this tracker to see who is added here: Now Hosted Tracker

And so you won't lose track of the main event characters that were released here due to all that uploading, listing them all so far for you here now. To download, click whichever link below:

Steel by Bizarro_Toro

Isaiah Bradley Beta v0.7 by Cormano and Zvitor

Joker (TAS) by ALEXZIQ

Firestorm by jhfer

Ultimate Guyver by youngdragun

Many of you know that you can customize your screenpack a little more with upgraded select screen pictures. We here at CVG United are fortunate enough to have one of the very best at creating such things a part of our team in Shulbocka. I always tend to use a bunch of his pics just to give my characters that much more of their comic counterparts look. So today, we are proud to present to you these two Portrait Pack releases to help celebrate Preview Week!

Thank you for putting those portraits together for all the Mugen fans that love to edit their screenpacks with such pictures. You can find each pacj in the download section and feel free to discuss the release here: Portrait Packs by Shulbocka released

CVG United's Preview Week Day 6

It's Almost Over"

We are now in the home stretch and building towards a finale. Thank you very much to every single one of you that took the opportunity to check out things thusfar. I hope you have had as much fun as we have had, and hope perhaps you have found a new forum community to interact with, as CVG United would love to see more of you even after this is over. To discuss today's events, go here: Preview Week Day 6

Early morning start, but we have a release of X-Men Origins: Wolverine Movie Stage by Big Boss that can be found here:

Get it here

And a pair of teaser videos by vladnesas. The first shows off a character you will see more of in Crisis:

Discuss Shazam Vid here

...And a character he will allow us to host once he is finished with him, Metal Slug's Big Boy.

Mugen: Robocop

Film poster for Robocop - Copyright 1987, Orio...Image via Wikipedia

It's been 22 years since the first movie Robocop was released. The story of a cop who dies in the line of duty and his brain and a few organs were used to make a cyborg cop. I love technology so i like the idea of the cybernetics, but the most interesting part of the story is the ethics. Alex Murphy did not consent to being made int o a cyborg and he is constantly questioning his humanity and the at the heart of the story is question what makes one human? added to that lots of fights and explosions, and action. What more do you need in great science fiction? A MUGEN character! And yes, there is a version of him for MUGEN. Download

Image Hosting

Here is a demo video

The character is a hoot to play with. He is kinda slow, but I chalk that up to the true-to-move depiction of the character. He can also take a lot of damage so if you can overwhelm your opponent with his weapons and get in close it is quite possible to compensate for the lack of speed. I recommend this character highly.

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

CVG goes 5 for 5 on character releases and shows off a new WIP

We here at CVG United are very proud of our more comic oriented projects and due tend to focus on those at times. But our team members have other projects that they enjoy working on as well. And that is where Ultimate Guyver by CVG Admin comes in. This is a passion project for him and he is sure to make you take notice. But be wary of checking the readme for whatever AI suits you best, as he likes his characters strong.
5 for 5!!!! Ultimate Guyver by Youngdragun released!!!!! Get him here

We would also like to present to you a brand new WIP by a brand new teammate for the Legends of the Dark Knight project. thx1138 has long worked on Batgirl, and she not only looks beautiful, but is a perfect fit for the project. To see more images of her and discuss her creation, go here: Batgirl by thx1138

CVG United Preview Week, Day 5

All I have to say is, "WOW!"

Okay, this event is turning out to be a bigger success than we originally planned. And yesterday's big feature is still pretty shocking, Firestorm (Download him here) in Mugen, can you believe it? Special thanks to jhfer for that. Not to mention, I am totally loving the new look of Hellboy and it appears as if there is a lot more done than you think. What is in store for today, can we go 5 character releases in 5 days? This is difficult to say, but I hope you will stick around to find out. To discuss today's events, go here: Preview Week Day 5

We kick the day off with not one, but 2 videos made by friends of Team CVG to help celebrate Preview Week.

Duke Nukem 2.0 is coming soon, and this video will give you a sneak peak of whats in store. Did I hear someone say jetpack? There are new effects to keep an eye out for, and that humor from the first version is evident again. To discuss this video, go here: Duke Nukem 2.0 Teaser

As many of you know, Reza has been gracious enough to allow his Cyclops to be used in the Crisis Project. But what many of you probably did not know is that he has been hard at work on an update of him. This video will show off much of what is to come in the latest version that will sure to make you say that this is the best version of Cyclops in all of Mugen! To talk about what you see in this video, go here: Cyclops by Reza update video

Grudge Match: Storm vs Ella

So, I have to admit the MUGEN version of Ella (from The Ring movies) is extremely formidable and kinda scary with supernatural powers. I think that she would be a good opponent for Storm. Of course Storm's powers are nothing to laugh at. Neither are her fighting skills. It would be a long battle, but it would be something to see. I decided to stage a fight in mugen. Here is the video.

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Friday, August 28, 2009

jhfer releases Firestorm beta in conjunction with CVG United's event!

WE ARE 4 FOR 4!!! And this is all thanks to jhfer! Special thanks to him releasing Firestorm in conjunction with CVG's Preview Week Event. He is a beta, but he's looking awesome as you can see in the pic above. So thank you jhfer for helping us make this such a memorable event for the CVG Community To discuss the release: Firestorm Beta released by jhfer And you can find him in the download section at:

CVG Preview Week, Day 4: New Direction with the CVG Hellboy WIP

ALEXZIQ's Birthday Hangover Day

So I know there is at least one person in the CVG community suffering from a hangover, but the one I had in mind had a birthday yesterday and gave us the gift. The Joker was awesome ALEXZIQ and I hope you had a good day yesterday. If you all haven't tried him out yet, you should. The update is great. And what do you know, we've had 3 days for this event and had 3 character releases. Can we pull a 4 for 4? You'll just have to wait and see. Link for the Announcement topic thread today: Preview Week Day 4

When joined Team CVG we were not just blessed with a great sprite editor and an awesome team member. He also brought along a WIP that he planned to finish that his friend Azrael started. And fortunately for us, this same character, Hellboy, was one we had big plans with here at CVG for the Crisis project. And as good as all that previous work looked, it was an easy decision to change the direction of Spooky's Hellboy WIP into this one. So as part of Day 4 of Preview week, I am proud to show off the new look for this character, and I cannot wait to see what Azrael,, and whoever else that work with them on the project do to bring him to life in Mugen. To follow the progress of Hellboy and discuss these pics and more, take this link: Hellboy by Azrael and WIP Discussion Thread

Thursday, August 27, 2009

CVG United releases The Joker TAS styled

So today is ALEXZIQ's birthday, and who gets the gift, we do with his release of a very updated Joker TAS styled! Many of you may be aware of the previous version. Well, he is very different with new moves, different commands, better AI, and some improved sprites. He is definitely a match for any Batman out there, and I look forward to seeing the videos of him beating up on the Dark Knight already. Look for him in the download section at CVG United. To discuss the release, take this link: The Joker TAS released

Three days down and three character releases! Hope you all are enjoying Preview Week as much as we are!

CVG United Preview Week, Day 3

And the hits just keep on coming!

Just when I thought Day 1 would be difficult to match, Day 2 came along and blew it away. Special thanks again to Zvitor for the very surprise release of Isaiah Bradley to help us celebrate our event. I hope you all enjoy him as much as I did. But now we come to Day 3...hope we have not set the bar too high for ourselves. Though I have a feeling you all will like what is instore for today as well. To discuss the day, take the following link: Preview Week Day 3

And we kick things off with a better look at Bane. Jmaxximus and ALEXZIQ have done some great work on him, enough so, that he is one of our most watched over WIP topics. The following video will spotlight him that much more. Bane up close Alpha test

To check out the main WIP discussion thread on Bane, follow this link: Bane by Jmaxximus and ALEXZIQ

Grudge Match: Wonder Woman vs Ella

I don't know why I thought of doing this fight but I was curious: Could Wonder Woman beat Ella from the Ring? I think it could be a tough fight but I do think that Wonder Woman would win. I decided to see what would happen in a computer controlled Mugen fight. Here is the video

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

CVG's Pick 6 AI Interactive Contest

Back in March, I organized a pretty successful interactive contest (Mugen March Madness) where various forum members selected various comic Mugen characters to represent themselves in a AI Battle tournament. The better a contestant's representative did, the better their odds at winning a small prize from me. In the end, it was Batzarro and his pick of The Thing that won it all.

In the spirit of that, now announcing the Pick 6 competition. I will announce 6 AI battles of characters with similar AI abilities and for the next week, CVG United forum members can then make predictions for who they think will win. A week later, JDubbIII will broadcast the fights and we will track how close someone was with their predictions. We'll do this for a number of weeks and small prizes will be awarded to whoever has the best prediction percentage, as well as to whoever had the highest total of right choices. All you will have to do is respond in the topic, so very easy to enter. For more information, take the following link: Pick 6 AI Mugen Fight Interactive Contest

Isaiah Bradley Beta v0.7 by Cormano and Zvitor

In a shocking move that surprised every single one of us at CVG United, Zvitor released the beta for the character he is coding, Isaiah Bradley to help us celebrate Preview Week. His partner in crime is Cormano who did the sprite work. Due to the multi-universal nature of the Crisis project, Isaiah Bradley is a perfect fit to be our version of Captain America. THANK YOU ZVITOR!!! Look for him in the download section at CVG United! Isaiah Bradley Beta v0.7

To see his move list, take this link:

You rock Zvitor, and you totally shocked me and the rest of the CVG United community. Had no idea. On behalf of Team CVG, The CVG Forum Community, everyone supporting Preview Week, and the Mugen fans, I thank you! Again, check him out at

CVG United Preview Week Day 2

Wow, how insane was yesterday. Yes, we could have spread some of that stuff out a little more, but since we are trying to impress potential new people to join, we wanted to go all out on the first day.

We kick things off with showing an exclusive video from CVG United's Legends of the Dark Knight Project. The first thing you will notice is a beta of the Screenpack being created by Shulbocka. Then the hits just keep coming flashing character after character. You'll get sneak peeks of a redesigned Joker, Batman Beyond and his second Joker mode, Bane in action, an older version of Bruce Wayne, and most prominently show off some previously unseen moves for CVG's Batman. This is video is brought to you on behalf of project lead ALEXZIQ, his CVG teammates: Jmaxximus, Spooky77, DrHellspawn, and fellow project admins Spiderbat and JasonTodd. They are also helped out by SGM's Sic-1 and Super_Joker. Discuss the video at: Preview Week, Day 2

To check out the main section for the Legends of the Dark Knight project, follow this link: Legends of the Dark Knight" Batman Project

Here is a special word from ALEXZIQ regarding the video and the project: Just a little sample taste of things to come. I didn't want to give too much away with Batman, Batman Beyond, and Joker since they are all very close to release, or re-release. There are many more surprises in store when you get a chance to play them. Some things like the Screenpack, and some characters are still in the early stages so please be patient as we crawl further on this project everyday. Hope you enjoy, and Watch the Sky! You can discuss all that here: Legends of The Dark Knight Preview video!

And remember, during this time, the forum is open to everyone including guests. That is all done in an effort to show all of this off to as many of you as possible in hopes of impressing you the fans to want to be a part of our community!

Mugen: Steel

I'm really excited. Bizarro Toro has released his version of Steel for MUGEN! And it is well worth the wait. It's awesome and more than fun to play with. It's based on one of the few good things to come out of the Reign of the Four Supermen storyline following the Death of Superman of the early 1990's. Steel is more than just a poor imitation of Superman. I truly like the idea of an intelligent and powerful African-American character. Bizarro Toro did a wonderful job putting the player inside Steel's armor and in his shoes. The animation is awesome and I love the moves. You can fight any other character in Mugen on equal terms. Yesterday, CVG United started hosting a great version of the character. ZVitor added some more AI Code and puts both palates and several upgrades as chronicled in Volzilla's post announcing the version in CVG United's download section. CVG United even has a stage.

Two videos are showing Steel in action.

Here is another Demo Video

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

CVG United Crisis Project Announcement

At CVG United, we think our projects are very exciting. Get ready to see some stuff on the Batman project starting tomorrow.

But today, still focusing on the Crisis project. It is coming together very well, and we've kept a lid on a couple other tidbits that make it stand out even more with some other 3rd party characters that are involved.

The one that stands out the most to me is Kratos, God of War!

I'm an Xbox guy, so I've never had the opportunity to play one of the God of War games. But I have always been jealous of those Playstation users who could check out Kratos. That is, until I saw that WIP for Mugen. I am extremely confident that Kratos and DooM are going to make all of our jaws drop. And I'm just glad they were gracious enough to allow him in the project. Make sure you check out their main website about him, here:

We are also very thankful for our partnership with Nestor and the Capcom Fighting Allstars Project. There are a couple WIPs that we are going to collaborate on that will be involved in both their project and Crisis. These are Frank West, Resident Evil 4 version of Leon, and Nestor finishing up Z999's amazing work with Resident Evil 2 version of Leon. This relationship will also bring Crisis: Strider Hiryu, Megaman, and Resident Evil Jill. To check out their main website, go here:
You can also see their sub section at CVG:

Another relationship we are very proud to have is with Mugen Superhero zvitor. You will hear more from him with his own announcements later in the week. We'll save those as a surprise. But in conjunction with that, he has also been kind enough to allow us permission to use the following in the Crisis project:

But those are not all the newest 3rd party characters and WIPs that will be involved with the Crisis project. On the subject of great feathered characters, we also have permission from Topper for his great looking Hawkgirl. I know he's focused right now on Mystique, but I really can't wait until he can do more with here.

We might be giving away a story element with this next announcement giving the fact we have an awesome looking Phoenix by Legendkaos in the works. Now announcing Dark Phoenix by Tooya and jr6/ejmann in the Crisis project. Now all of you prediction hounds can start trying to theorize the story.

One of the better releases in the post release party season in April and May was by XsLaught with his duel release of Onslaught and the Sentinel. I personally think he created the best Sentinel in all of Mugen and we are very thankful for him to also be included in the Crisis project.

And finally we come to another video game icon that will be involved here. I was floored when Sean Altly first allowed us the use of his great Rorschach (definite candidate for release of 2009) Well, he's done it again by allowing the Crisis project to use his Solid Snake. He will absolutely help us fill out that portion of the roster.

There might be others later on that join, but those are some secrets we have been sitting on for quite awhile. We might have another announcement or two along those lines this week, so keep your eyes posted to CVG United for more.

Steel (w/patches) and his stage now hosted at CVG United

Steel by Bizarro_Toro

What's new included?
-2 added AI patches, each by zvitor, 1 publicly released, 1 privately until now
-better sound by Kageuchi
-arcade ending by nkorey2000
-merged normal portraits and DCvM portraits into one character
-readme file information (AI adjustment instructions, DCvM portrait adjustment instructions, Q&A with Bizarro_Toro, move list)

You can find him in the download section.

Also now have a stage made for him by our newest stage creation team member, flamekyo.

Steel's Weapons Research Lab

Check it out at

(and during this event we call Preview Week, guests can check out the forum and download section)

CVG United Preview Week Day 1

Preview Week has now started at CVG United. During this time, what is usually reserved for our members can now be seen by guests. And here is our first video which is a special sneak preview of a new project you will find out more about in the future at CVG United.

bdcirck originally made a Super Skrull in MvC style that most of you are probably familiar with. The Kl'rt (Super Skrull) you see in the video is a total reinterpretation of that character into something all new and different. And I have to say it is a clear upgrade as he is incredible.

Also announcing a CVG Arcade contest. Whoever has the highest score in Bloody Pingu will win $10 paid to their PayPal account. Good luck to all. To see the discussion of this contest, please go to: