Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mugen: Iceman

Iceman is one of my favorite characters. He was one of the original X-men. That has got to count for a lot. Unfortunately, I have not always been happy with his portrayal in other media outside of comic books. In the cartoons and movies he never seems to match the personality he has in the comic books. I'd say he is way more than some inexperienced yahoo. I mean he's been around in the public imagination just as long as Cyclops, Jean Grey, Beast, and Angel. I often wonder why he's not more popular. Thankfully, there are a couple of versions of him in Mugen. You can read more about him at the following links:

Here is a rundown on hos powers from
Iceman is able to lower his external and internal body temperature without harm to himself, thereby radiating intense cold from his body. Iceman is able to reach -105 degrees Fahrenheit within a few seconds, and is immune to sub-zero temperatures around him.

In addition, Iceman can freeze any moisture in the air around him into unusually hard ice, and thereby form simple objects such as slides, ladders, shields, and bats. Iceman can also augment his ice form with extraneous moisture to enhance his strength and durability, and can reshape his body's ice form at will by using any available moisture from his surrounding environment. Similarly, Iceman can rebuild his ice form if any part of it is broken or if it is shattered completely without suffering any permanent damage.

Previously, Iceman was able to transform his body into solid ice and back to human form at will. For a time, however, his body was permanently transformed into solid ice as a result of a secondary mutation. After M-day, Iceman appeared to have lost his powers, returning to human form. However, this was revealed by Emma Frost as a mental block, and Iceman later regained his powers, along with the ability to change from human to ice form.

Iceman also possesses the potential to transport himself quickly over great distances through nearby flows of water by merging his body’s molecules with those of the stream.

Iceman Mugen Versions



By Splode and Aivar (Updates) 9
By Infinity Mugen Team creation team and Kong's mc2 conversion 8

Here is my video tests:

By and large both characters are similar to one another, but they are not the same. I enjoy playing with both of them. The difference is that i think the Scruffy Dragon version has a few more moves. For example, the Scruffy Dragon version has a Blizzard move where it seems like he throws black ice at his opponent and really messes them up. The kicker if that the Scruffy Dragon version does include an Amalgram hyper where Aquaman rides in on a wave, merges with Iceman and attacks the opponent with brutal melee attack. I loved it.

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