Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mugen: Elongated Man - Updated

Johnny DC has announced an updated version for Elongated Man. Here is his message in Spanish:


Este mensaje sirve para notificarle que se ha cargado
un archivo a la sección Archivos del grupo Justiceleaguemugen.

Archivo : /Char's Originales/ElongatedMan Beta2.1.rar
Responsable : paulus_ben_itai
Descripción : Elongated Man Beta version 2 nuevo striker, nuevo...mejor descargenselo.

Puede acceder al archivo en la dirección


Now English


This message serves to notify you loaded
a file to the Files section of the group Justiceleaguemugen.

File: / Char's Originals / ElongatedMan Beta2.1.rar
Lecturer: paulus_ben_itai
Description: Beta version elongata Man 2 new striker, new ... descargenselo better.

You can access the file in the right direction

http://mx.groups.yahoo.com/group/Justiceleaguemugen/files/Char% 27s% 20Originales/ElongatedMan% 20Beta2.1.rar

Volzzilla's Mugen Reviews: Iron Lantern by tenchimuyo4ever, Sic-1, and Twinimage

The following is part of CVGUnited's database where comprehensive reviews are given by me, and allow for the community to offer similar content and give their own ratings of the characters. To check it out, go to:

CVGUnited.com's Character Review Database

This is the character that started it all for the Amalgam: Age of Superheros project. Tenchimuyo4ever had started this character WIP before there was even a project and this inspired Sic-1 to look him up to start said collaboration. Tenchi did all of the sprites, of which there are a lot done by freehand. Sic-1 and Twinimage handled the coding side of things. Because this character was the basis of starting it all off, this is why he was saved for the final release of the group's guest portion of Scruffyversary.

Obviously from the look, you can tell he is a combination of his DC and Marvel counterparts to form this Amalgamation. I like it and how he gave him a hovering stance to separate things a little more. He has some intros to correspond to these guys which are interesting, but I wish the volume on his sayings there were turned up a little bit more. The AI is interesting, sometimes he puts good use to his hypers, and sometimes not. But he does a good job implementing his specials though.

I love all of his basics, even took the time to show them off in the training mode portion of this video. They are very imaginative. And in case you do not know about this character's Amalgam history, basically he has a set of armor that works similarly to a Green Lantern ring, but focuses mainly on making technological constructs whenever needed. This theory is put to good use in the basics as stated before, as well as with the special and hyper moves.

- Repulser Beam: Similar to an Iron Man beam attack, but with a GL feel
- Weapon Master: Constructs 3 different guns to attack, dependent upon the button selected
- Magneto Envy: Creates a magnet that fires a charge at the opponent to pull them close for additional attacks
- Emerald Charge: Charging attack, both from air and ground
- Teleports: Can teleport to either side of the screen, depending on the button selection
- Armor Hyper: Pulls out the heavy artillary
- Emerald Drill: Constructs a set of armor with some powerful drills for attack
- Sonic Charge: Very powerful charge attack
- Airforce Assault: Creates a large flying machine to attack with either bombs or lasers

There are a couple little issues. The current readme has some of the attacks listed wrong, so use:
Emerald charge: (QCB + K)
Airforce assult: (QCB + PK)
Tenchi has stated this will be adjusted soon for when the download home is moved back to SGM. In the discussion on the release, he has also stated that some of the code numbers for attacks might be tweaked as well. The main thing I saw was every so often (I think during Magneto Envy usage by the AI), he will either disappear to the top of the screen or the bottom for a time. But usually he comes back after awhile. I might be mistaken as to when this happens, I just know I saw it a couple times before making this video.

In short, very creative character and I admire all the freehand work that Tenchi put into him to make him stand out. This character finished off the Amalgam showcase for Scruffyversary very well.

You can find him at the downloads section of:

My score: 8

And take this link if you would like to offer up any discussion on the character and/or offer up your own review:

By taking that same link, you will also be given the chance to give your own score, and then compare it to others given by members of the community there. Hope to see you there rating characters and giving your own feedback!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Mugen: Goku

I was running around on YouTube and I found out about a version of Goku for MUGEN that is too good not to share. I was going to wait until I did post about all the different versions of Goku I have found, but this is too good not to share now. All the download information is available here in English and Spanish.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sic Graphics Mugen Team Website Update

Sic-1 has recently totally overhauled the main SGM home website. You should already be checking the place out, as it has a great game project in their Amalgam: Age of Superheroes project, which if you did not know, works with Amalgam characters who are a combination Marvel and DC couterparts.

But that is not all. They have a few new features there and are branching out more into other projects, most notably Sic-1 creating Grand Master Ryu. See a video for him here:

So go visit Sic Graphics Mugen today!

Grudge Match: Plastic Man vs Elongated Man

Okay, here is my opinion: Plastic Man would beat Elongated Man without a problem. Why? Plastic Man's powers are better. No contest. However I decided to try it in Mugen anyway!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mugen: Elongated Man

I was amazed that there was an Elongated Man character for mugen. I don't know much about the character, but I've got to admit that it's well done in MUGEN. He's not quite as powerful as Plastic Man because in comparison his powers are limited. I like how the character plays. It was produced by Johnny DC's group. Here is a video displaying how the character plays. Definitely worth downloading.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Mugen Release: Omega Red v0.6 by ZVitor

Char #9, This is my contribuition to DCvM Project, all my other releases are v1.0, I call it 0.6 because is missing 4 important stuffs: one more special, one more hyper, a linked hyper and Amalgam hyper and another stuffs like throws.
My second son will be born on next week, thats the reason of my first beta release, i will take a time away from mugen, so i need fast bug report to fix before sunday. More info about this Omega-Red wip here:
Omega Red by ZVitor – Infinitywiki

Special thanks to Wucash, he made Trans Siberian a great stage to Omega Red.
Stage and this Omega are exclusive from DCvM Project.

Download Omega Red and the Trans Siberian stage for him here:

Grudge Match: Optimus Prime vs Megatron

One of the greatest Rivalries ever depicted in fiction: Optimus Prime vs Megatron. Each are respectively the leaders of great armies and each personify the opposite goals and qualities of the other. Optimus never asks his troops to do that which himself would never do. Megatron rules through fear and intimidation. Megatron want to subjegate the entire universe where everyone worships him. Optimus wants to protect everyone and is willing to fight to do it. Needless to say, I want Prime to win. Instinctively, deep down, we all know that Prime's morality is the correct viewpoint. This is what makes it so interesting whenever we see Prime and Megatron mix it up.

Here is a clip of the two fighting from Transformers - The Movie (1986)

I decided to satge a fight in MUGEN just for fun!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mugen: Megatron

I consider Megatron one of the most evil characters in all of fiction. He's in every way just as powerful as Optimus Prime. He really lives up to the name Decepticon. He will fight dirty. He will cheat. Ultimately nothing matters to him more than ultimate power and his own life. My most primal memory of Megatron is the fact that because the original toy transformed into a realistic gun, my mother would not let me have it. I would also submit that Megtron's presence defines the Transformers. Without him, the stakes for the franchise is not high enough. What's cool is that Megatron shows up in almost every single incarnation of the franchise.

The Good news is that Megatron is in MUGEN and He is fun to play. Here is video putting Megatron throught its paces.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fighter Factory Ultimate Released

Whats new:
- Improved Interface
- Performance is incredibly superior
- Less memory consumption
- Possibility of opening up to 12 chars in the same window
- Almost all functions accessible via shortcut keys
- The Esc key closes a window
- Customizable (possibility to enable or disable some recursor, usually messages of confirmation)
- Possibility to hide the panel of the editor to increase the space
- Format of the programs for chars (all except in a single file with compression - average 50% reduction)
- Zoom up to 8X
- New system of languages, much lighter and faster
- Test of char in MUGEN improved
- New organizer
- Confirmation of overwrite in all operations to save

- Possibility to comment a line, unchecking a check box (for snd valley, st, intro, ending, states and palettes)

- Customizable background image
- Movement of the image according to the zoom
- Buttons to go to the next or previous group
- Option palette of the image does not change the previous image
- Function optimize for DOS and Win Mugen
- Cut and optimize all the images 1000x faster than the previous version
- Axis-shaped buttons on adding sprites
- Ruler on one side to increase the space
- Export and import a whole SFF (own format and SprMaker)
- Possibility to save the current image, all, a group of images, range images of a group
- Image Editor

- Inclusion of the editor of pallets in the main window
- Increased floor area
- All functions apply to both the image and the char palette, chosen by the user
- Possibility to choose whether he will replace the palette or the image to adapt it
- Enhanced Function mask
- Just click on the image he selects the color without the need to activate an additional button
- Effects RGB Hue and improved, with the option of applying or permanently reset and ignore the changes
- RGB Effect will not work for value and dragging the Barrinha
- Option to replace a color by clicking it twice
- Function that puts gradient in the range of selected colors
- Removal of duplicate colors in the palette
- Generate optimized palette for the image
- Inserts in palette images with option to use the Clean PCX
- Generate optimized palette from multiple images
- Movement of the image according to the zoom

- Display of real-time transparency in the editor
- New alignment system, equal to the SFF in order to standardize and facilitate the use
- Movement of the image according to the zoom
- New system for generating animated GIF (positions and scales the image correctly, not cutting the feet or the head like before)
- Preview of sprites on thumbnail for rapid creation of animations
- Resizing and repositioning of CLSN 1px directional buttons at once by

- Allows you to set the group and add sound
- Conversion of bitrate and number of channels made by the program
- System for enhanced Resample using the library LibSampleRate
- Display information on the correct sound WAVE
- Find sound
- Delete Group
- Possibility of individual sounds Resampler
- Possibility to save the current sound, all, a group of sounds, range of sounds of a group

- Display list of states with number and name
- Allows to navigate the state by double-clicking an item from the list
- New syntax coloring
- New editing system (standard in the text editors)

- System auto complete with support for functions with parameters (shows possible options or monitoring the switch current)
- System auto complete with the addition of SCtrls from a shortcut key
- Templates for SCtrls
- List of StateDefs
- Editor of PalFX
- Viewer Offset
- List of Vars

Get it at:

Mugen: Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime is one of the ultimate fictional characters for my generation. He is strong, powerful, wise, and compassionate. He is a great role model of what a complete human being should be. Ironic because he is a robot. However he is also a living being. As a matter of fact Optimus Prime taught me a lot. For example, I learned what "sentient" means because of the quote from the back of the toy package. "Freedom is the right of all sentient beings." Here is a great video tribute someone did for Optimus Prime.

Optimus Prime is so important to the Transformers that there has been a version of Optimus Prime in every incarnation of the Franchise. As far as I know in Mugen, only the G1 version exists. It is really fun to play with this character. I think that there are no Transformers without Optimus Prime.

Here is the MUGEN character in action.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What If?...Characters That'd Be Cool If MUGENized #5

Disclaimer: Most of the following characters not only haven’t been made yet, but there are not even publicly known plans to bring them to Mugen either. The purpose of this article is solely for entertainment, and not meant to tell any creators who to work on, nor is it intended to be thought of as a “Wish List” of characters I want made. However, if anyone becomes inspired enough to begin a WIP on any of the characters discussed, then that would be a bonus.

Where Do They Get Those Wonderful Toys Edition

When you think of characters whose main ability is their use of specialized equipment, it is pretty easy whom you think of first. Well, I’m quoting his arch nemesis with this theme to talk about other characters that fit that same mold. Most of these guys do not have any special powers on their own and they had to rely mainly on their smarts and the use whatever items they had. Obviously, there are others, but these are the ones that stood out to me in regards to the main theme of being cool if MUGENized.

Blue Beetle (Jamie Reyes)

How can you not think of this guy with all the focus he has in the recent Batman cartoon? Of all the people to bear the mantle of the Blue Beetle, none had a stronger bond as the symbiotic Scarab known as Khaji Da is fused directly into Jamie’s spine. Because of this, Jamie was granted super strength and agility. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. The Scarab has previously manifested these powers: teleportation, flight from wings or jet propulsion, energy blasters, various firepower weapons, various bladed weapons, energy shields, healing, concealment, cancellation of magical energy, increased armor, and more. Plus, sometimes it allowed for specialized attacks against Kryptonians, the Green Lantern Corps, and others. In short, if he ever comes to Mugen, get ready for some fun!

For more information:


Scarab info:



According to an ancient legend, two powerful entities battled long ago, one allegedly darker than the other. This supposed darker force was defeated and forced to leave, but left with a prophecy to destroy the world upon his return. A secret organization of followers for the remaining power then decided to prepare one person to be their champion until this time. And that burden later fell upon a man named Eno who was granted the magical armor with this position. When he wears this armor, all of physical attributes are augmented to superhuman levels, he can fly, turn invisible, fire plasma energy and entrapment nets, and manipulate matter density. In addition to all of that, he is also now granted the ability to draw forth from the knowledge of previous champions who donned the armor to help him with his tasks. All that, plus that cool look, he definitely fits the theme of this series.

For more information:


Kraven the Hunter

He was one of the world’s greatest big game hunters and mercenaries. This status became boring to him, so not much convincing was needed to talk him into hunting his toughest target, Spider-Man. Kraven took numerous potions that enhanced his athletic ability, as well as trained himself to be the best in every form of hunting possible. He became an expert with: all kinds of guns, darts, spears, whips, poisons and other objects that could be used to those ends. He also loved to set various traps for whatever his prey happened to be. So imagine yourself as the MUGENized version of this character that has a move set focused on various traps you can set. I like doing this with Punisher and others like that, so if there was more chances to do something like that, I’d be all for it.

For more information:


Adam Strange

He was originally an independently wealthy archeologist who was in the wrong place at the wrong time…or so he initially thought. This ‘wrong place, wrong time’ incident sent him to the planet Rann, which then became the most important thing due to being part of trying to keep the people their free, while also falling in love. As part of this new role, Adam gained the use Rann technology that affords him a jetpack, various guns, and a spacesuit that can generate solid light equipment. In Mugen, he could also use the Zeta Beam teleport equipment to use in those fights. Besides, wouldn’t you love to use a character that could also call in their entire Rann army to help him in battle?

For more information:



This is the one guy in this article that does have powers beyond his equipment, but because Orion is so tied to his equipment, I had to include him. Orion is a one of the New Gods, so he has superhuman abilities on par with most other heroes in strength, speed, durability, and stamina. As part of his linage to Darkseid (very complicate family tree), he also has the ability to heal. But where he fits into all this is the use of the Astro-Harness and the Mother Box. The Astro-Harness affords him energy shield protection, flight, tractor beam usage, and Astro Force beam technology that can fire very powerful energy blasts. The Mother Box will give its user access to all kinds of knowledge, gravity and machine manipulation, energy transference to the wielder, regeneration, and use of the teleportation technology of Boom Tubes. Medellin is apparently working on him for Mugen, but not much is known of the direction he will take. But this is a great character and I look forward to what he will come up with.

For more information:


MUGEN: Transformers

When I was growing up I really used to wish for a fighting game based on Transformers characters. It turns out that there does exist such a game in MUGEN! When I first got into MUGEN I found the Transformers for MUGEN (download link). I found a complete games with both Autobots and Decepticons. The game is based on G1 characters and its a hoot. Fortunately, I also found the characters through out the Internet available for individual download. I was really happy because then you can incorporate these Transformers into your personal MUGEN games. Another tool I found was a compressed file full of the AutoCAD templates used to create the characters for MUGEN. All of the characters in the Game are well done and fun to play with. And Yes, You can transform any time you want during game play!

Here is the manual for the game:

Here is the roster from the Game.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Grudge Match: Spider-man vs Daredevil

In my opinion Spider-man and Daredevil consider themselves coleagues therefore most likely they would not get into a fight. However....If they were ever to fight I think spider-man has an edge. Daredevil is agile and fast and his reflexes are better that the human average but Spider-man's are several times greater than normal. Therefore I think Spider-man would own him.

Here is a video where I staged several fights in MUGEN.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Volzzilla's Mugen Reviews: Etrigan by WuCash

The following is part of CVGUnited's database where comprehensive reviews are given by me, and allow for the community to offer similar content and give their own ratings of the characters. To check it out, go to:

CVGUnited.com's Character Review Database

This is one of the greatest Comic Mugen characters ever made, so special thanks to WuCash who handles both the sprites and coding. Especially since it was such an extensive job, as this character is absolutely packed, but we'll talk about that below.

Where to begin? His look is amazing, as he not only looks unique for Mugen, but is a dead ringer for his comic counterpart. The sound is just as good, so great work by ShockDingo on the vocal talents. The AI is really good too as he puts up a good fight and utilizes all of his special and hyper moves (which there are a ton of) in his fights effectively.

For those of you that do not know, the comic Etrigan knows a lot of magic, and this was fully taken advantage of in his Mugen creation. You have a total of 12 hyper spells you can cast. However, there is further cutting edge stuff going on with those moves as you can only use 3 per round, and you can never use the same spell twice in a round. That was a brilliant idea by WuCash.

- Fireball: Shoots a fire ball at the opponent
- Teleport: Teleport 6 different ways around the screen
- High Flame: Anti air flame attack
- Low Flame: Standard flame attack
- Flaming Charge: Charging attack
- Air Fireballs: Throws multiple fireballs in succession from the air
- Hellfire: Blast of fire from Etrigan's mouth
- Wind from Hell: Stronger fire projectile attack
- Demonic Presence: Hyper chain attack where you transform into a stronger demon
- Amalgam: Change into his Amalgam counterpart, Speed Demon for a multiple attack
*Hyper Spells*
- Dancing Blazes: Fire summon attack
- Freezing Blows: Ice attack
- Sinner's Pain: Powerful spell projectile attack
- Demon's Sacrifice: Give up 1/5 of life for full power meter
- Stone Guard: Calls up a stone shield that will hit the opponent every time the rocks come into contact with him
- Hollow Speed: Increases general speed and attacks
- Go To Hell: Calls forth a demon to pull the opponent to hell
- Dead One's Might: Heal spell
- Eye of Cyclone: Wind spell attack
- Thunder Serpent: Lightning attack
- Gift From Hell: Explosion attack
- Evil Spirits: Fires an evil spirit at the opponent and leaves him dizzy

This character is awesome and if you do not have him, go download him now. The only minor issue one might have with him is that some of the commands are difficult to pull off for some people. Other than that, which might not affect you anyway, this character is perfection. Awesome job WuCash!!

You can download him at:

My score: 10

And take this link if you would like to offer up any discussion on the character and/or offer up your own review:

By taking that same link, you will also be given the chance to give your own score, and then compare it to others given by members of the community there. Hope to see you there rating characters and giving your own feedback!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Grudge Match: Thor vs Sentry

When I did a post for Superman vs Sentry, someone on YouTube requested a fight between Thor and Sentry. I thought it was a brilliant suggestion. I'm not sure how often they've thrown down in the books but such a fight would have to be legendary. I think that the truth is that in a true fight Sentry would beat Thor to a pulp. I mean Thor's hammer is magic and all but Sentry did beat the Hulk and the Hulk has beaten the tar out of Thor! I think in terms of physical strength and durability they are probably equal.

I staged the fight in MUGEN. Here is the fight.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Grudge Match: Spider-man vs Batman

How do the most popular characters of the DC and Marvel comics characters stack up? In my opinion, which has changed over the years, Batman would win in close quarters where Spider-man would not have room to maneuver. In open spaces, with walls and cover, Spider-man has an edge. Even if Batman managed to win, it would not be without cost. I think that Spider-man could fight Batman to at worst a draw under open arena conditions. The thing that gives Batman an edge is his better fighting abilities and his gadgets. Let's face if Spidey webbed him, I'm sure that Batman would just wip out a tool to cut the webbing. I decided to pit my favorite versions of Spider-man against my favorite versions of Batman in MUGEN.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Grudge Match: Spider-man vs Punisher

Spider-man versus Punisher is always a fun matchup to watch. I mean their methodologies could not be more anti-thetical. Spider-man does not kill...period. End of story. All the Punisher does is kill. I think that a character that does not kill is more morally superior to characters that do kill. Killing people, who are not in a position to kill you, means that you are deciding that they do not have the right to live. That's a line Spider-man does not cross. I decided to put Punisher up against many different versions of Spider-man, computer controlled for both characters.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Grudge Match: Batman vs Daredevil

There were a couple of comics I remember from the 1990's where Daredevil and Batman met. They were able to work together, however it was tense. So who would win in a knock-down drag out? Daredevil's blindness is not a detriment. Truth is Batman may do better if he fought Daredevil blindfolded given both of their martial arts prowess. In terms of weapons, Batman most certainly has an edge, however I think they'd be little help against Daredevil. No, this one can only be decided by hands and feet. In this case...I think Batman would find a way to beat Daredevil. Here is a video mashup from their movies:

Here is a video of the MUGEN fight staged.

Mugen Batman Summary

As you may have noticed that there are a few versions of Batman for MUGEN. I like them all a lot but the ones on this list are the best of the best in my opinion. They are fun and well-done.

I believe Alucard's Batman is the very best in terms of how it looks and plays. You have all kinds of options and it's just a hoot to see this one work. I really like Spiderbat's version because it's also visually stunning and matches the comic books really well. The Spiderbat version is fun I love the way the batarang is animated. I love the Infinity Mugen Team version also because I really enjoy the hyper where Batman wears the armor he wore in the Batman vs Predator the first limited series. I think the shamrock version is worth a look because the AI is insane. Here is a video of pitting Alucard's and Infinity Mugen Team's versions against one another with the computer controlling the characters.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Volzzilla's Mugen Reviews: Onslaught by XsLaught

The following is part of CVGUnited's database where comprehensive reviews are given by me, and allow for the community to offer similar content and give their own ratings of the characters. To check it out, go to:

CVGUnited.com's Character Review Database

This is the second recent character release by XsLaught as part of launching his on website. That said, he handled all of the sprite editing and ripping in this case, as well as the coding for him.

This is primarily an update to adjust his previous version. The look is the same, and the sounds are mainly the same and done so to be as true to the original MvC version as possible. There are a number of intros that have been put in for various characters, and I think Serious Cat will be helping XsLaught with more. They also helped him with the numerous and colorful palettes for him. The AI is very strong, as a Boss character should be, so expect to get your butt handed to you often until you figure out whatever strategy works best.

The moves are all relatively the same as what you are used to, however this time, you can actually control the Sentinel when you summon him. But when this time is up, you shift back to original control of Onslaught.

(The previous video was released by XsLaught as part of the character release.)
*Specials, Form 1*
- Sentinel Force: Calling in Sentinels to attack
- Sentinel Assist: Striker attack from a Sentinel
- Hyper Grav: Grabs opponent
- Magnetic Tempest: Blasts chucks of metal at opponent
- Teleport: Alter Location
*Hypers, Form 1*
- Magnetic Shockwave: Energy attack
- Hyper Mind Blast: Powerful mind blast attack
- Sentinel Summon: Take control of a Sentinel to attack with. You then have full access to the Sentinel's move set.
*Specials, Form 2*
- Sentinel Force: Calling in Sentinels to attack
- Claw Crush: Strong punch
- Rushing Arm: Rush attack with clawed arm
- Hyper Grav: Grabs opponent
- Mind Blast: Blast from mind
*Hypers, Form 2*
- 3 Mind Blast: Three blasts of psyonic energy
- 5 Mind Blast: Five blasts of psyonic energy

This character is different from your standard character because he is meant to be a boss character. So do not expect your standard kicks and punches. And depending on what you want in an AI from a character, it might be pretty tough to fight against him. My main issue with him is some of the commands. For some reason, a couple of the special/hyper commands are not very receptive. If you are ready for a different kind of character, then that issue with the responsiveness is the only problem you may have with a pretty solid character.

You can download him at:

My score: 9

And take this link if you would like to offer up any discussion on the character and/or offer up your own review:

By taking that same link, you will also be given the chance to give your own score, and then compare it to others given by members of the community there. Hope to see you there rating characters and giving your own feedback!

Monday, June 15, 2009

WIP Focus: Morph by The Anvil and Acey

1) So how did you decide upon bringing Morph to MUGEN?

Well basically, I was a huge fan of the animated X-men show back in the `90s. I wanted all the X-men from the team on that show, in the MvC series, we already had the majority, the only remaining were Prof x, Beast, Morph, Jean and Jubilee. Obviously Beast has been taken care of and very well. There are a couple Jean's and Prof X's floating around and always WIPs of them on various forums, I thought I'd take care of Morph (and later Jubilee) myself.

2) Please share your thoughts about his general comic back history and about the character in general.

He's not got a huge comic back history actually, he was known as Changeling in the early X-men comics. He was killed off in the comics and was used on the show `because he was essentially a blank character. I think he is a great character; he was really funny and made me laugh. He has an awesome mutant power... Possibly the best you can possibly have. Also, you've just got to love that suit ;).

3) So tell the readers what bases you are using for the character and for the various moves themselves. This is probably more complicated due to his shapeshifting capabilities I'd imagine.

His main base was Iceman; I think I did a good job making him unique from Iceman though; he has some very funny and unique moves. Because of his morphing I used absolutely loads of bases for the character though; this ranges from John Talbain to Norimaro, and Zangief to Servbot.

4) How is the progress going on Morph?

His sprites are finished now, we just have to play the waiting game now and have him coded. However, there is much more left to do, as he is essentially 4 characters being coded into one, so something like that will take time.

5) What has stood out the most during the creation process in a positive manner? What has been giving you the most trouble?

Because of the characters mutant powers, I've been able to be incredibly creative with the moves and everything. He's a goofball so I made sure that was incorporated into the character and without making it too over the top. I'm really happy with a certain intro ;). What gave me the most trouble was having to redo all his sprites, I sprited the character to start with, based on the action figure design. So I wasn't happy with that and decided to revise all the sprites making them all more true to the TV show.

6) I have read on Wikipedia that Morph has some minor telepathic and levitation abilities. Will you be incorporating any of those things into some of his special moves?

Morph does have some minor telepathic and levitation abilities, although that's not really the same person, it's the one from Exiles (which will be making cameos in the character). I wanted to do the character how Capcom would have done him.

7) How exactly will his morphing ability work in regards to the various special and hyper attacks you have planned?

Without revealing too much how I have approached the character, Acey had the idea that he could morph completely into existing X-men characters, these will include Cyclops and Wolverine. I will say this though about his basic attacks: He uses his morphing powers in his basic attacks (to enhance his damage and stuff), he has some pretty cool moves, but I didn't want it to feel like you weren't playing as Morph.

8) Do you have any special plans in regards to intros/exits with any other characters?

I had originally thought about Sinister. I also pitched the idea to Acey about a special Intro with Beast, which would be dialogue on Morph's part.

9) Is there anything else about the character that we have not covered that you would like to share?

Let's just say that Morph has an evil side to him ;).

10) So what are your general thoughts on beta releases? Can you give a possible timetable on a beta to release and/or a goal for the full release?

By the end of the year you should have Morph in your personal MUGEN. I know that's a long way off, but he could be ready in the next couple months. But at the latest, the end of the year he will definitely have a release.

Thank you for your time.

If you would like to more about this character:


And if you would like to follow his progress:


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Volzzilla's Mugen Reviews: Sentinel by XsLaught

The following is part of CVGUnited's database where comprehensive reviews are given by me, and allow for the community to offer similar content and give their own ratings of the characters. To check it out, go to:

CVGUnited.com's Character Review Database

Another surprise release courtesy this time of XSlaught. This is a MvC2 conversion primarily with him handling both the coding and the sprite editing that was involved.

When you are converting from MvC2, obviously the look and the sound is going to have a good base. I believe that XSlaught added a few touches here and there, especially in the intros and winposes, so that is very cool. The AI is good if looking for a baseline strength character. However, if you want this as a boss version, that is not possible due to said AI.

Forgive me, but I'm not that familiar with the original MvC2 moves, but I do know what I like, and I like this. The moves are all very accurate to the character and you will have fun with them. I did have a few problems here and there with some responsiveness with the controls, as you will see in the video.

- Rocket Punch: Three different variations of extended arm attack
- Sentinel Force: Three different variations of calling other Sentinels in
- Fly: Enters a Flight mode
- Grab: Picks up a downed opponent (sorry for missing in video)
- Plasma Storm (XCOTA): Plasma blast XCOTA style
- Plasma Storm (MVC2): Plasma blast MVC2 style, tap button to fire more
- Hyper Sentinel Force: Massive attack from more Sentinels
- Hard Drive: Charging attack

There are a couple minor issues with him, but that does not take away from the enjoyment of this character. As I said before, if you are looking for a boss version of him, the AI will not fit. Also like I said before, I had a few control responsiveness issues here and there. The readme is a little bit lacking, as I could not figure out the fire a missile from your mouth move and would have liked a little more on the unique moves you can do in the air. The thing that stands out the most will only hit those of us with weaker computers, as he is so large he can lag a little, due to some effects thrown in the file that are for future use in an open source capacity. XSlaught has said he plans to optimize the file a little more, so look for an update on all that. Like I said, very fun to play with and you will love the conversion from MvC2.

You can download him at:

My score: 9

And take this link if you would like to offer up any discussion on the character and/or offer up your own review:

By taking that same link, you will also be given the chance to give your own score, and then compare it to others given by members of the community there. Hope to see you there rating characters and giving your own feedback!

Grudge Match: Superman vs Sentry

Okay, I know Sentry could be dismissed as a Superman knockoff but I think that's harsh and unkind considering that Sentry could be considered one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe. I wanted to see how the MUGEN versions of the characters would stack up. In my opinion, Superman would beat Sentry in a fight. I staged a computer-controlled fight in MUGEN.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Grudge Match: Punisher vs Rorschach

The long-awaited character for Mugen, Punisher by ApoCaLySe, has been released. It got me wondering what would happen if Punisher fought Rorschach from Watchmen? In my opinion, they have much in common and probably would not fight, however if they did fight Punisher would skunk him. I say that because Punisher would just shoot Rorschach and be done with him. I thought that it would be great to stage this fight in Mugen.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Mugen: Spider-man Master List

As you may already know that there are several versions of Spider-man around for MUGEN. I decided to re-examine the different versions. I am currently aware of 11 different versions of Spider-man for MUGEN. They are all wonderful and offer things that the others don't. I'm planning several new Grudge Match posts featuring Spider-man and that brought up a question. Out of 11 versions which versions should I use? Here is a summary of all the versions under considerations:

Spider-man Mugen Versions



Spider-manSeth Zankuten899http://www.scruffydragon.com/f/chars_marvel_one.html
Spider-manSludge878 http://infinitymugenteam.com/
Symbiote Spider-man Seth ZankutenNA



Not Released Yet
Spider-manInfinity Team Mugen
Scarlet SpiderFreeMadisonN/AN/A9Looking for this one
Iron SpiderUnknownN/AN/A9Looking for this one


Acey,Jason Todd, and r@ce45868Infinity Mugen Team

I have ran a few tests pitting the different versions against one another. Here are the top ones on my list and why. These version will show up in Grudge Matches.

1. ZVitor's Spider-man
I love this version. You have a lot of moves that executed differently than all other versions. I love the "machine-gun" web ball when you can shoot many, many shots at your opponent. I also like the move when Spider-man shoot two weblines into the ground and uses them to sling shot himself into his opponent. By far his favorite move of mine is called "One for J.J." which is a hyper where Spider-man shoots a picture and you see Spider-man attack and snap shots are taken every few seconds. IT is really cool! I love how it looks and it's never the same twice! It however can be blocked.

2. Acey and Sludge's Spider-man
This version is also really, really cool! I love the changes that were made. You still have good symbiote moves but I really like the Iron Spider Hyper. This version must be included in your MUGEN roster. I love the sprite work. He also controls really well.

3. Erradicator's Spider-man
One of my favorite Spider-man since I first started paying attention to MUGEN. The first thing that got my attention about this version is the really cool video introduction when you select him in Arcade mode. In terms of play, I like the way the character fights. It is easy to pull off moves like the web throw that I always had problems pulling off in the arcades and Playstation. You really need this one!

4. Empawk's Spider-man
Since the first time I put this version on my blog there has been a lot of controversy. Apparently this is an edited character. I've never gotten the full story but I tend to think that the character is fun in it's own right. It is very powerful...some think over-powered. But setting all that aside, it is a part of my mugen roster. Give it a try.

Here is the test video: