Friday, January 2, 2009

Mugen: Black Cat

On one of my favorite mugen blog sites, there now exists the character Black Cat for download. I really have always liked this character because of her connection Spider-man. She started out as a cat buggerler (pun intended) and thief whom Spider-man had to stop. She eventually reformed and became his partner and girlfriend. After they broke up, she remained a hero and they team-up from time to time. I've tested this version of Black Cat through its paces and put the video below.
You can download her from

We have a lot people to thank for this:
Beja, Xfields Codes: Mauteck, Eclipse, O Ilusionista

Here is the video I made of my tests:

This is much improved over the version I had previously. She has way more cooler moves. And much more fun to fight with and against.

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  1. Hi everybody!
    Anyone Know what happened with this WIP?
    Someone could interview the Creator to see what happened!