Friday, July 31, 2009

Grudge Match:Elena vs Wonder Woman

What would happen if Elena fought Wonder Woman? Well, I think it would have been a short fight. A real short fight. I think Wonder Woman would end it really quickly. I decided to stage a fight in MUGEN.

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mugen: Sakura

Sakura is interesting as a character. Her moves reminds me of Ryu and Ken but she definitely has her own personality and it really comes out.

Sakura Mugen Versions



0414sakuraImage HostingUnknown767Download
cvssakuraImage HostingUnknown767Download
Angry_SakuraImage HostingPneophen767Download
Dark_SakuraImage HostingBlac-Dragoon768Download
SakuraImage HostingPhantom.of.the.Server 767Download
satsuki0.Image HostingUnknown768Download

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Grudge Match: Cammy vs Mai Shiranui

Now I really think a fight between Mai and Cammy would be one for the ages. I'm not sure who would win but if I had to pick one I think Mai would win. Her moves are really flashy and I don't think Cammy could hold her own in a long battle.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mugen: Elena

As far as I know, Elena is the only black female combatant in the Street Fighters. That a lone makes her worthy of attention. But she is also good fighter too., i like the way she is animated so smoothly. Her fighting style is very much like gymnastics. I have found only one version of her for Mugen.

Image Hosting

Image Hosting


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Grudge Match: Mai Shiranui vs Wonder Woman

I think I would love to see an animated fight between Wonder Woman and Mai Shiranui. Who would win? Fortunately we have MUGEN to test out different scenarios. In my opinion, Mai is easy to look at but she doesn't have the same fighting skills as Wonder Woman. I just don't see how Mai could win in a real fight. Here is a fight I staged in MUGEN.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Volzzilla's Mugen Reviews: Archangel by SOS_1_bros

The following is part of CVGUnited's database where comprehensive reviews are given by me, and allow for the community to offer similar content and give their own ratings of the characters. To check it out, go to:'s Character Review Database

There was a surprise release yesterday of Archangel by the SOS_1_bros at IMT. The char leans heavily upon Acey's Firebrand coding, but the sprite work looks pretty decent...especially for a first time release with zero guidance from others. The character was determined to be open source, so he went through a number of updates done my quite a few IMT community members, basically spearheaded by Zvitor. The sounds are pretty good, and I like a lot of the new portraits added.

He has a number of special and hyper moves, but unfortunately there is no corresponding readme file. So just watch the video to the end where I'll show the command moves for those moves.

Yes there are issues beyond just the lack of a readme file for the moves, since again this is a first release. Some of the moves (some kicks stand out the most) look unnatural. Perhaps a few more frames of animation could be added here and there as well. Also, one of the community members noted that the when he is doing some moves, he appears a little smaller than what is seen in his general stance.

In short, I like him, yes he can improve, and perhaps either the original authors will do it, or you! (he is open source after all)

You can get the most recent update at:

My score: 8

And take this link if you would like to offer up any discussion on the character and/or offer up your own review/score:,69.0.html

By taking that same link, you will also be given the chance to give your own score, and then compare it to others given by members of the community there. Hope to see you there rating characters and giving your own feedback!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mugen: Ken

When someone picks up Street Fighter for the first time, this is the other character you should learn to play with. Ken is comparable to Ryu in many ways. If you learn how to play with him or Ryu, you are well on your way to mastering the moves of most characters in most fighting games including MUGEN. When I was starting out in the genre, I picked up Ryu and my brother became extremely efficient with Ken. Ken is very popular. It's no wonder that there are many versions of him for MUGEN.

Ken Mugen Versions



C01KENImage HostingUnknown767Download
CVS KenImage HostingUnknown769Download
Dragon KenImage HostingSHAMMAHALFA1767Download
Evil KenImage HostingUnknown788Download
KenImage HostingUnknown767Download
Ken MastersImage HostingDon Drago768Download
Ken SF3Image HostingUnknown767Download
Ken XImage HostingUnknown767Download
Ken ZImage HostingUnknown769Download
Orochi KenImage HostingUnknown767Download
God KenImage HostingUnknown767Download
Holy KenImage HostingKnightmare106798Download
Violent KenImage HostingN64Mario84767Download
Furious KenImage HostingUnknown767Download
Ken LVL2<Image HostingUnknown767Download
SF3_KenImage HostingUnknown767Download

There are all the versions of Ken that I know about as of the time of this writing. Holy Ken is really overpowered with insane AI. I think the most balanced version is CVS Ken. Here are some test videos I made in Watch mode. If you know of any other Ken versions that I missed, please let me know in the comments section.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mugen: Yuusuke Urameshi

Yuusuke Urameshi is the star of the anime show known as Yu Yu Hakusho. Yuusuke is a teenager who is drafted to save the world from demons. I followed the series when it was airing on Cartoon Network back in 2002 and 2003. However, CN didn't broadcast all of it, but you can watch the whole series online. You'll find the links posted below the test video. I have found two versions of the character for Mugen

Yuusuke Urameshi Mugen Versions



Yuusuke UrameshiImage HostingN64Mario76


Yuusuke UrameshiImage HostingKamekaze9




Kamekaze's version is very good because I think that it captures the mofves the best. But N64Mario's version looks getter in my opinion.
Here is my test video pitting the tow of them against the other.

Watch the series on line at:
Your Anime Now
Watch Yu Yu Hakusho

CVG United's Community Character Review Rankings

In conjunction with the reviews that I re-post here at Favorite Fiction Blog, the community can also place their own score for a character after an entry is made at All those scores by the community are then tallied and averaged up for the following rankings. This is the most recent ranking of that. If you would like to know more, you can check out the database for yourself at:,20.0.html

Current Review Database Rankings 7/02/09


1) Deadpool by The Unlimited and WuCash - 9.722

2) Etrigan by WuCash - 9.5

3) The Thing by Warner - 9.133

4) Nightcrawler by Twinimage - 9.107

5) Batman by Alucard - 9.065

6) Rorschach by Sean Altly - 9.053

7) Green Lantern by Buyog, Arque, Enzo, and McCready - 9.048

8) Spiderman by ZVitor - 9.034

9) Joker by Jeff, Larramones, and Magus - 8.921

10) Superman by Kal Elvis and Hannibal - 8.828

11) Starfire by HyperCombinationFinish - 8.792

12) Crystal by Magus, Smogon, and Jeff - 8.786

13) Miss Marvel by Ultraroboninja and ZVitor - 8.714

14) The Punisher by Apocalypse, Excursion, and WuCash - 8.667

15) Wonderman by ZVitor, JasonTodd, and Daraku - 8.667

16) Ferroman by Sic-1 and R@ce45 - 8.615

17) Thanoseid by Rozeros and Zvitor - 8.6

18) Incredible Hulk by Acey - 8.538

19) Savage Hulk by Buyog and BobStarsky - 8.5

20) Sentinel by XsLaught - 8.5

If you would like to have your own score averaged into the next rankings that are coming up in a week, or would just like to check everything out, please come to: CVG