Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mugen: Captain Mar-vell

Captain Marvel was originally an alien from the Kree empire. He became a hero on earth because he sided with the Avengers when earth was in the middle of the Kree/Skrull conflict. In one of the most celebrated comic book stories ever written, Marvel died. In Recent years, it has been revealed that he had a son named Genis-Vell who now follows in his father's foot steps. Genis-Vell is the model for the mugen character. As you already know that "death" in comics is not a final state andt the original has re-appeared but I don't know the status of Genis-Vell. You can find out more information about both of them in the following links:

Captain Marvel Mugen Versions



By Acey & eSkRo Not CompleteNot Complete9
By MICROmor & 5k0rXNot CompleteNot Complete8

I thoroughly enjoyed playing with this character. I'm not sure if it's complete but I could beat just about any of the other characters in Eternity of Heroes. I have realized that this character is only playable (in this near-complete form) in Eternity of Heroes. I want to make it clear that if you want to play with this character you must download this game. That being said...the character is capable of some real power moves.

I have been reminded by Volzilla that there is a version of this character hosted by the Scruffy Dragon website. I think the Infinity Mugen Team version is better, spritewise. The thing about this version it does have a great number of power moves and I like the incorportation of Rick Jones into the intros. For a time Genis-vell actually actually was anchored to the earth like his father was through Rick Jones. Here is a video testing the Scruffy version.


  1. Hi Marcus,

    You said :
    "I want to make it clear that if you want to play with this character you must download this game"

    And yet we can download this character here
    or here
    in the section "Super Marvel vs Capcom Internity of heroes".

    Is there a difference between "your" character
    and the one that I mention ?


  2. Yes, it's made by the same team. The version from
    in the section "Super Marvel vs Capcom Eternity of heroes" is more complete. It is the latest version. I think that is the one we should all at least try.

  3. Can you guys make an xmugen version of Super Marvel vs Capcom Eternity of heroes.