Tuesday, February 24, 2009

WIP Focus: Iron Lantern, Created by Techimuyo4ever

Volzzilla had the opportunity to speak with Techimuyo4ever, the other co-administrator of SGM’s Amalgam Project. Techimuyo4ever was nice enough to give him this great interview and Volzzilla was nice enough to share it so I could post it so everyone can read it. Volzzilla's comments are in bold and Techimuyo4ever's answers are unbolded.

This WIP that started it all, Iron Lantern. Remember, that this was being created prior to the full Amalgam Project taking off, and actually led to the inspiration for the Amalgam project.

1) So how did you decide upon bringing Iron Lantern to MUGEN?

Well, when I first got into MUGEN, I was trying to find a comic book character no one had ever done before; someone completely different. After seeing all the DC and Marvel WIPs already in progress, I figured since I've always been an Amalgam fan to make the first Amalgam MUGEN character ever in Iron Lantern.

2) Please tell me your thoughts about his general comic back history and about the character in general.

After reading Iron Lantern #1, I felt that the character is an interesting mix of Hal Jordan and Tony Stark. It's really cool to see a character that has the weapon know-how of Tony Stark and having an armor that has the powers and abilities of a Green Lantern, but so much more. I also think that it was very interesting that his suit is made from Rhomman Sur's very ship.

3) That does sound interesting. So tell the readers, since it is obvious what bases you are using for the character animations themselves, please tell us some of the bases you are using for the various moves.

The bases for the animations are extremely varied. Just to name a few for the constructs, hypers and specials are Huitzil / Phobos, Pocket Akuma , the unknown soldiers robots, the unknown soldiers striker, Dr Doom, Sentinel , Dhalsim , Magneto , Dr Doom , Cable and a few handmade sprites. The animation that he uses to make the constructs are handmade and a lot of the larger constructs are hand made as well.

4) Sounds like a lot of work. How is the progress going on Iron Lantern? And what has stood out the most during his creation process. Has anything given you trouble in that regard?

The progress on him is going great, his sprite work is completely done and he is in the
process of being coded right now. What stood out most during his creation would be the reason he took me so long. I wanted to set him apart from just being an Iron Man edit. Also, I wanted him to feel like a mix between Green Lantern and Iron Man, but at the same time I wanted him to feel like his own character.

5) Please tell the readers about all the special and hyper moves you have planned.

I have quite a few special moves planned for him. You may have already seen
two in the preview videos (editor’s note: to the see the videos in case you missed them, go here, tenchimuyo4ever's YouTube Channel), a teleport and his repulser beam. His other specials include an ability that allows Iron Lantern to be able to form different weapons depending on what punch you are using. This is called weapon master and it features a machine gun, a laser gun, and a flamethrower. His other special not yet shown is called emerald charge; a move where Iron Lantern forms boosters on his back and then charges into the opponent. As for the hypers, aside from the emerald drill shown in the videos he will have a projectile hyper called emerald armor, a move where he forms an armor equipped with a large laser gun, as well as a timed hyper called Air Force assault, which creates a construct shaped like a compact plane equipped with smart bombs and lasers that devastate the opponent.

6) I've read that every character in the Amalgam project will have a De-Amalgam move. Please tell us what you have planned in that regard.

Iron Lantern will have quite and interesting De-amalgam. However, the only version of the character that will have this attack will be the final version. And for now, the De-Amalgam will have to stay a surprise. But when the final version is coded, I will be making a preview video with it featured.

7) Looking forward to the video already. Do you have any special plans in regards to intros/exits with Green Lantern, Iron man, or any other character?

He will have special intros with Iron Man and Green Lantern both. With Iron Man, he accuses him of being someone who stole his armor designs and with the Green Lantern, he will mistake him as another agent of Oa, the living planet.

8) Nice. So since everyone will be anticipating him that much more now, would like to share anything regarding a possible beta release?

The beta will be arriving soon and look forward to a few surprises later with this WIP.

We will keep an eye out on both, the beta and those surprises.

And be sure to check out these sites for more information on Iron Lantern:

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tenchimuyo4ever's YouTube Channel

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