Sunday, February 8, 2009

Please Share Your Opinions

I've placed 2 polls on the right side bar. One is for Marvel Characters and the other is for DC. I'd like to know which characters you are excited to see in Mugen. Some of the characters I have listed are already WIPs and some are not. If you know of any released WIPs please share the information in comments. If there are characters that I have omitted that you believe should be on the polls please share in the comments. Thanks!


  1. Hi Marcus,

    I voted for Dr Strange in the category
    Marvel characters and for Hawkgirl
    in the category Dc characters.
    For me it's Nightcrawler for Marvel
    and Booster Gold for DC I would like
    to see in Mugen.
    I hope to have this one a day

    Otherwise, on this link you'll can
    see all the Slotman's WIPs,
    Namor, Black Panther, Dr Strange,


  2. Thanks for the input! I will check out those links.