Friday, February 20, 2009

Mugen: Juggernaut

I've always thought that relationships between heroes and villains become extremely complicated when you throw family bonds into it. Few things are sadder than brothers who can't get along even if they are step-brothers. This is the case between Juggernaut and Professor X. For the Juggernaut it is quite personal. He hates Xavier for who he is as a person, not just because of what he is. I don't think Juggernaut hates mutants. He hates Charles Xavier and only wants to humiliate Xavier and crush his dreams. He hates the X-men because he hates what his brother loves and they get in his way in him trying to destroy Xavier. It's ironic that the X-men's two greatest adversaries, Juggernaut and Magneto, are also two men that Xavier will never ever be able to bring himself to destroy. I'd like to know if the X-men were ever destroyed and Xavier dead, would Cain Marko, the Juggernaut, loose the meaning of his existence?

Juggernaut is not a mutant. His powers are mystical. Once he gets moving in a certain direction, almost nothing can stop him. I remember the first time I saw the character. It was in an episode of Spider-man and his Amazing Friends called A Firestar Is Born. I must have been about 5 or 6 years old at the time. My next exposure to the character was the classic Spider-man comic where he tried to protect Madam Web from being kidnapped by the Juggernaut. Spider-man had to stop him by himself. I got it a few months after the initial release.

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I have found several versions of him for Mugen.

Juggernaut Mugen Versions



Acey(MVC version)
Kong (MVC2)889

I think the best version of the characters is the last one in my chart. I don't like the third one because it's just like the MVC version only it speaks profanity when it does special moves (definitely not kid friendly). It plays a lot like the version of Juggernaut form X-men: Children of the Atom except with more moves. He is big and really tough. Many characters don't do much damage with basic attacks. With Juggernaut, you can really be a bully. His win poses, intros, and moves really point to that in the character's personality. Especially the one where he walks over to his defeated opponent, picks them up with one hand and then laughs at them.

Here is the video:

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