Wednesday, February 25, 2009

WIP Focus: Ferro Man, Created by Sic-1

Volzzilla has provided all of us an interview with Sic-1. Concerning the creation of Ferro Man for the Amalgam project. Thanks to both of you! As always, Volzzilla's comments are bolded and the responses are unbolded.

1) So how did you decide upon bringing Ferro Man to MUGEN?

Well, at first Ferro Man was never going to be a part of the game, but Deanjo2000 made an edit of him and I really liked it. I then took time out to go back a read the comics with Ferro Man in them and I knew I just had to make him so he could be a part of our game.

2) Please tell me your thoughts about his general comic back history and about the character in general that helped influence that decision.

Ferro Man is Russian, and the main part of his back story is that his face is disfigured, which is why he wears that mask. The thing with Amalgam comics is with some of the characters in them, they never go into too much detail about them due to the comic event being for such a limited time. But the little that I read I liked. (editor’s note: You can read more yourself about him and other general Amalgam history by taking the following links, Amalgam Crisis Center and The Unofficial Guide to the Amalgam Universe).

3) Since it is obvious what bases you are using for the character animations themselves, please tell us some of the bases you are using for the various moves.

The hardest part about Ferro Man is to not make him feel like the base I'm using while making him. I wanted him to have a "Power House" feel to him. And I want people to know when they play as him that they got a powerful character in there hands.

4) Looking forward to him already. So how is the progress going on him? What has stood out the most during his creation process? Has anything given you trouble in that regard?

The good news is that Ferro Man is very close to being done! As in creation troubles, well just trying to come up with moves for him and trying to make his re-play value better and better…and I think that I have done so!

5) Please tell the readers about all the special and hyper moves you have planned.

Heh. The "BETA" of Ferro Man will have 4 specials and 3 hypers. The final version of him that will be in the game will be different than the beta; he will have all new specials and hypers. But as for the beta of Ferro Man, again I wanted to give the fans something new; I wanted to give them a powerful character with moves never before seen on a power house before.

6) As stated before during this event, every character in the Amalgam project will have a De-Amalgam move. Please tell us what you have planned for him in that regard.

The De-Amalgam hyper I would have to say is my favorite move for Ferro Man! As most people know, Amalgam Characters are a combination of "DC" and "Marvel" characters put together. The De-Amalgam move is where the Amalgam character splits into his counter parts and double teams the opponent. But sad to say, the De-Amalgam hypers will not be apart of the "Beta" characters and we have to keep Ferro Man’s a secret for now to keep the fans anticipation level high.

7) Understandable. So do you have any special plans in regards to intros/exits with Colossus or any other character?

Well, all of the Amalgam characters we are making will have custom intros for each other. As in custom intros for their counter parts, if they face them in MUGEN…not at this time for Ferro Man, but keep an eye out for any updates with every beta we release.

8) Any news you would like to share regarding a possible beta release?

Look for the first official beta release from SGM’s Amalgam Project to drop tomorrow! Be sure to check Sic Graphics Mugen - Amalgam Project and alfonsocm82's YouTube Channel for the actual release of a character I hope you all will enjoy.

Thanks, Fellas. As soon as possible each new release, including Ferro Man, will be announced with a review and a link to the project website.

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