Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mugen Batman Summary

As you may have noticed that there are a few versions of Batman for MUGEN. I like them all a lot but the ones on this list are the best of the best in my opinion. They are fun and well-done.

I believe Alucard's Batman is the very best in terms of how it looks and plays. You have all kinds of options and it's just a hoot to see this one work. I really like Spiderbat's version because it's also visually stunning and matches the comic books really well. The Spiderbat version is fun I love the way the batarang is animated. I love the Infinity Mugen Team version also because I really enjoy the hyper where Batman wears the armor he wore in the Batman vs Predator the first limited series. I think the shamrock version is worth a look because the AI is insane. Here is a video of pitting Alucard's and Infinity Mugen Team's versions against one another with the computer controlling the characters.


  1. Are you aware that Alucard has updated his Batman mugen? it has better AI and has an exclusive movest for when you fight Superman or Superboy

  2. Nope, wasn't aware. Thanks for the information.