Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mugen: Ryu

I have been playing Street Fighter ever since the first game. One of the constants between all the games in Capcom's series of fighting games is the character known as Ryu. Ryu is the go-to-guy for newbies to the fighting game genre. If you can become sufficiently good enough to be able to fight with Ryu, you can pick up and learn how to use just about any character in any fighting game. I love the way Ryu fights and all his moves. He has appeared in many games and has had different tweaks to his appearance and abilites. It's no surprise that there are many different version of him in MUGEN. Most of these I got before I started this blog, so i don't know where I originally got them from. If you know who the authors were for any of the characters listed below and a more appropriate place to download them from please leave a comment below. I'm also interested to know which version of Ryu you have to have in your MUGEN roster. Thanks!

Ryu Mugen Versions



Angel RyuSeth Zankuten767Download
Class RyuUnknown767Download
CVS RyuUnknown767Download
Evil RyuReu, and KingTigre, Aiduzzi768Download
God RyuImage HostingUnknown767Download
Phantom RyuImage HostingReu768Download
RyuImage HostingUnknown767Download
Ryu_HellImage HostingUnknown767Download
Ryu_HoshiImage HostingDon Drago769Download
Ryu_v1Image HostingUnknown767Download
ryuDGImage HostingDG767Download
RyuRImage HostingKnightmare106767Download
ryusfImage HostingN64Mario84767Download
RyuSF3Image HostingJoram and DG767Download
ryusnkImage HostingReu767Download
ryu-xImage HostingUnknown767Download
SF Alpha RyuImage HostingNinja_Naruto767Download
Violent Ryu aka God Orochi Ryu
Image HostingUnKnown767Download
X Evil Ryu XImage HostingUnknown767Download
X Ryu XImage Hostingx_vyn_x767Download
Ryu EXImage HostingBasara-kun767Download

Here are some videos of demos I made to to demo some of the versions of Ryu that I found.


  1. is there no picture preview for the diferent ryus? also, why are they all rated so low? lastly, vyn created two different evil ryus, one with incredible AI, the other is the one he has on his site right now, the one with the red glow

  2. The image hosting site I like to use seems to be down...I apologize as for the version I missed, they aren't here because I don't know about them. If you don't mind please leave a link to any version that you know about in the comments I will include them in an update. I also hope that the images should be back soon.

  3. Hi Marcus,

    This is another version very different
    from those that you mentioned

    Ryu LVL 2


  4. Where can I find the "regualr" Ryu thats in SF III series? I'm looking for the "real" unedited version. Thanks!

  5. hey Marcus, u forget about Holy Ryu
    and Dragon Ryu