Saturday, January 3, 2009

Mugen: Shazam

Captain Marvel is a character that I think everyone has seen or heard of, but not everyone knows much about. His powers seem to be based on the powers of Greek mythological gods. And he really is a boy who yells "Shazam!!!", a bolt of lightning shoots down and he emerges as an adult, wearing that costume with superpowers. Yes, I laughed too at first. However he is powerful enough to go toe-to-toe with Superman. That has to count for something. I have found two versions of him. Technically, this character is really known as Captain Marvel in the comic books. There was a short-lived and campy television series adapting the comic book. I think in the series he was called "Shazam" because he says "Shazam!" in order to transform from a child into a superhero. So in the minds of many people the name stuck.

Shazam Mugen Versions



(remix version) Gildeman788

Though the remix version has a different look...I like the older version too. Neither character is complete but...shows a lot of promises. Here is my test video along with a video someone did showing Superman fighting him from Justice League Unlimited.

Here are the Videos

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