Friday, January 16, 2009

Mugen: Works In Progress (wips)

There was a post in the Infinity Mugen Team forms detailing current WIPs of Marvel characters. I used it as a base to "wip" up a table showing the same information. Plus I added some information. In the field I called "Previous Version" a project got a "yes" if there exists a complete character before this one and a "No" if there isn't. I also have a field where I said something about if it's downloadable or not. A red "Alpha" means that the character is downloadable, and mostly complete. A blue "Beta" means that it may be downloadable but not complete. "YouTube" means there exists video demos.

Mugen Marvel WIPS
NameImageCreatorProgressPrevious Versions?Download/Link
ArchangelApoc UnknownNo
BladeSuperjoker UnknownNo
BlackboltMiguel UnknownNo
Birdy by Eclipse, xfields, oillusionista UnknownYes
BirdyNo good image found Alex87, Daraku UnknownYes

CablePhantom UnknownYes
Luke Cage ledernieraztlan UnknownNo
Captain America Acy UnknownYes
CarnageDeanjo 2000 UnknownYes
Cyclops: Astonishing verz36 & taskmaster UnknownYes
DaredevilJasontodd UnknownYes
DazzlerJr6,Twinimage BetaNo
ElectroVerz36, Wucash and Magus BetaNo
ElektraBuyog UnknownYes
GalactusExcursion UnknownYes
Ghost Rider

(Johnny Blaze)
teddylam UnknownYes
Havok Z666, Jasontodd, Daraku. UnknownYes
Hulk Acey, Kong UnknownYes
Savage Hulk Bobstarsky, Buyogg BetaYes
Invisible Woman AngelicSharon BetaNo
Iron Man: Civil War Alienmorph UnknownYes
JubileeThe Anvil UnknownYes

MorphThe Anvil, Acey UnknownYes
MystiqueNo good image foundVitoria UnknownYes
Nightcrawler Twinimage, Mambojambo UnknownYes
Punisher; Apoc, excursion BetaYes
Quasarbdcirck BetaNo
RhinoBatzarro UnknownYes
SentryNo good image foundAcey BetaYes
Scarlet Spider Lasher UnknownNo
Spider-man: Man-Spider Godzilla UnknownNo
Spider Woman verz36 UnknownNo
SunfireJR6 & Acey BetaYes
Venom: Mac GarganUseless, Toxin UnknownNo

Visionslotman BetaNo
VultureHobglobin, Wucash BetaYes
WondermanDarkclaw, Jasontodd, Daraku BetaYes
WolvenomDarktalbain UnknownNo
Wolverine Unmasked Can't Find a good image
The Anvil, Kong, Acey BetaYes
Wolverine in Brown suit Can't Find a good imageJasontodd, Sander UnknownYes


  1. Hi Marcus,

    I can't see your table in its entirety
    only the cases "Name", "Image"
    and "creator" are visible.
    Have you optimized your blog for
    Internet Explorer, I use Firefox...


  2. Hi, I'm ledernieraztlan.
    Just to say my Luke Cage is only made by me, I work on it alone, not with kojuhno.
    And the Wolverine unmasked anim you show is made by Loganir and not The Anvil, Kong and Acey.

  3. Hi, Willie. I'll try to fix the chart so it fits better.I use Firefox also. I try to say "no" to microsoft where ever possible.

  4. Hello, Lendernieraztlan. I'm sorry for the mistakes I made that you pointed out. I fixed them

  5. Some chars are so cool. Your table has indeed a problem cuz i can't see it either.