Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mugen: Starfire

Starfire is one of my favorite Teen Titans. She has a lot of powers and an exotic look. She is so kind hearted in the animated series and her form is extremely toned down. There are two versions of her for Mugen: one based on how she looks in the comics and one based on how she looks in the Teen Titans Animated series. Although the series is action-packed, it's geared towards children and has a lot of comedy so her comic book appearance wasn't appropriate. Don't want little boys growing up any faster than they have to, right? You can decide for yourself which version is best. In terms of fighting other comic book based character, especially capcom style, I prefer the comic book version.

Starfire Mugen Versions
Image Creator



AI Look Downloads
HyperCombinationFinish 9 6 9
Chaser 6 6 7

Here is video of the tests. The interesting thing is that I enjoy playing the comic book version because she has all of Starfire powers and they are implemented very well. I sure wish I could find a version of Raven like this one, instead of the just animated version. Starfire is a match for just about any mugen character.

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  1. Interesting review over here. It's nice to know this char is ok, because you ppl should know this was my first try at this art. I've recieved many many e-mails from fans saying they liked my char.

    Maybe the other one is better, but mine was first and I proposed the idea for a better version (at the visual aspect)

    Thank you very much everybody for the feedback =)