Monday, January 5, 2009

Mugen: Cyborg Superman

There is a Superman story from the early 1990's that everyone is vaguely aware know...the story where Superman "died" in a one-on-one duel. What really happened was that he used up all the stored energy in his body and when it was replenished he revived. However while he was "dead" four other characters took his place. Cyborg Superman had claimed to be the real thing but turned out to be a super villain and destroyed the Green Lantern 's (Hal Jordan) home city. I've seen two versions of this character. Here is the chart comparing them.

Cyborg Superman Mugen Versions



Andrés Alcaraz566

Here is a video of my tests.

VLADNESAS's version is really great...much better than I initially thought. It's also a lot of more fun to play than the other version. It's got great win poses. If you have to choose to download one of them, VLADNESAS is the one to get. The only thing I don't like about it is he doesn't look exactly like the comic book version. You can also tell that a lot of pieces from other characters are used, but it does not detract from it's value. I like this one.


  1. Hi Marcus,

    The year begins really very well
    thanks to you....
    Thanks for all these characters


  2. hey Marcus, I'm glad you liked my cyborg superman.. i know he doesn't look like the comic book illustrations, but there's a reason he looks the way he does.... if you look at one of his intros there's one where apocalypse appears and cyborg superman changes from his comic book illustration to my cyborg superman.... this is because the cyborg supes i made is actually an apocalypse upgraded version, that's why he's so strong, he's powers have all been hyped up by apocalypse.


  3. Vladnesas's version is just too cheap. The damage from its moves is off the charts, its health is too high, etc. The backstory sounds like coverage for a cheap character.

    Knock down all damage/health by half. Then the character is useful.

  4. can anyone post a picture of the issue? i may have had it.

  5. Cyborg Superman only resembles his comic look during his poses.

    P.S. Open the CNS file of Cyborg Superman and lower the health to 1000, attack & defence to 100. He won't be cheap anymore.