Monday, January 19, 2009

Mugen: Storm

Storm is one of the best female characters in comics. She is regal, honorable, and controlling the weather means you can probably beat anyone. I also like how she is nearly always depicted as a strong black woman with good and moral character. She genuinely cares about other people and all living things. And fights passionately. She is also a great leader. I don't think that came out well in the movies. Here are 2 links with more information:

I have found several versions of her for mugen.

I think the best versions of Storm were done by Alucard/WhiteMagic2002 and the Infinity Mugen Team. They are fun to use and amazing to watch. Here is the playlist of the tests

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  1. nice video storm is one of my favorite characters n mugen is da greatest invention everrrr thanx family for putin toghther this