Friday, January 23, 2009

Mugen: Wolverine

Wolverine is without question the most popular member of the X-men. One might even say that he is one of the most popular fictional characters ever. He is the first character of his kind. But there are a lot of characters like him since....trying to copy his popularity. Why is he so popular? Characters that thumb their nose at authority and follow their own rules are attractive today. Wolverine has no problem with killing his opponents. He is a hero because he fights to protect those weaker than himself and he has his own code of honor. He also walks a razor's edge in terms of self control. His animalistic side of his personality is constantly at odds with his sense of his own humanity. When he's fighting, especially multiple opponents, or when he's angry he has to choose if he's going to respond with a berserker rage inside of him, or as a man....thinking before he acts. To me, he symbolizes the conflict inherent in everyone. He is also capable of much compassion. I like to watch that struggle. Which is why I enjoy the comic books. And it's been done in animation well too. I have found several versions of Wolverine for Mugen.

Wolverine Mugen Versions



Wolverine (Bone claws)Vyn989
WolverineSANDER 71113899

Wolverine Brown Costume
Jasontodd, Sander899
Unmasked WolverineThe Anvil, Kong, Acey778
MVC2 WolverineInfinity Mugen Team778
WolverineVyn + AlucardN/AN/A9

Most of all the characters differ slightly. Some of their special moves are more easier to pull of than others. The Unmasked Wolverine version, aka Logan, has the unique ability that he auto heals, regains vitality, if he can keep from being hit. It's not a complete character yet, but it does have that "healing factor" feature in place. I read at the Infinity Forums that the plan is to make final character be able to put on and take off his mask. Two of the character in my chart above are rumored to either be works in progress or already exist. I have not been able to find them yet. Here is the playlist for my tests of Wolverine in mugen.

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  1. Too many good wolverine for mugen, and i never cant make a choice for my games xD