Saturday, January 3, 2009

Mugen: Green Arrow

Green Arrow is a character that has experienced something of a renaissance. When I was child, I thought of him as a knockoff of Batman with trick arrows. But that is too harsh and unfair. The television shows, Justice League Unlimited and Smallville, really changed my opinion. He is more than what I thought. It's as Batman said at the end of the premier episode of Justice League Unlimited: he helps "keep them honest." He has no superpowers, but he is highly skilled and cares about doing the right thing. That is why he is a good hero and I'm glad he made it into mugen. I have found two different versions for Green Arrow.

Green Arrow Mugen Versions
Image Creator Fun

AI Look Downloads
Unknown 5 6 9
ZVitor 9

8 8

The ZVitor version is much better than the previous one. I love how his best friends make cameos in win poses and his lady, Black Canary (where's her mugen charater...hint...hint) , comes in as a helper. It's fun to call her, but to be honest, the character is powerful enough and fun enough that help isn't really needed. This is a great character!

Here is a video of my tests

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