Monday, January 26, 2009

Getting Started With Mugen

I've gotten a couple of requests on my YouTube channel for information on how to get started in Mugen. I have been studying Mugen for the past 19 months. I've learned a lot. Everything you need is on the Internet even tutorials. In my research I have found some rumors that Mugen is dead and no one is doing anything new with it. This is not true in the slightest. One of the things that I like the most about Mugen is that it's truly international. You have development of characters, stages, and tools going on all over the planet: United States, France, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Philippines, and many other countries. And the work being done is truely exceptional! So here are some sites that I would suggest newbies would visit to learn how to put mugen games together, pre-made games to downloads, and great places to find characters.

Resources - is where you need to go to find the mugen game engine. - is where you need to go for general information.
Fighter Factory - is where you need to download a great program for designing your own mugen characters, very visual, and more like an Integrated Development Environment
Mugen Editing Ensemble - is another software suite for making mugen characters
Mugen.cfg File Editor for Windows - cfg files are configuration files for mugen games, this tool allows easy editing of that file.
Open Mugen 1.1 - Another version of the Mugen version with open source code.

Mugen Tutorials
Installing Mugen and Characters
Tutorial for Newbies - Mugen Fury
How to Program M.U.G.EN. the fighting engine
Character Creation Walkthru
AI Auto-Guard Code
How to Create A Character - there are so many good tutorials on YouTube

Ripping and Using Sprites
Mugen Basics
Mugen Tutorial - Part 1

Dragonball Mugen Edition
Naruto MUGEN
Star Wars Wars for Mugen
Dragonball vs Street Fighter
Marvel vs DC
Eternity of Heroes
Transformers Mugen
Marvel Mugen

Sites and Forums
Exterminator's Mugen Site
Fanatic Mugen
DC vs Marvel: Ultimate Battle

M.U.G.E.N. for the Masses
Maximum MUGEN
Erradicator's PRESSTART

Richie's MUGEN Miscellany
Scruffy Dragon
Infinity Mugen Team
Sunny World
Gundam Mugen
Mugen Comics Characters
Mugen Boss
This is Where I found Bolt Gundam

Naruto Mugen
Kevin's Mugen
The Unlimited
Arque Art
Loganir Mugen Projects
Lethal Mugen
Jor El's Place
Kain the Supreme
Sonix X & Team Spoiler
Mugen Marauder
The Lair: Buyog2099's Mugen Creations

If you think I'm missing something important just let me know!

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