Monday, January 19, 2009

Grudge Match: Wonder Woman Vs Storm

Ok here is my first "Grudge Match" post: Wonder Woman Vs Storm. In my opinion, all things being equal, Wonder Woman would win. In 1996, Marvel and DC jointly published a series that pitted their characters against one another. They allowed fans to vote as to who would win. Wonder Woman and Storm was one of the matches we could vote for (yes, I was there and I voted. I may still have a copy of the entry form). I voted for Storm at the did a lot of people. Storm won in the story. I found a couple of cool blogs that focus on match-ups like this. If you like this kind of thing, I'd suggest checking out: Secret Wars on Infinite Earths: The Comic Book Fight Club. This one has great article on the 1996 crossover story. It really was a popularity contest in 1996. so, I ran a test in Mugen. I pitted the version of Storm found at: with the latest version of Wonder Woman (Reloaded). They were both computer controlled. Here is the result of that test

To be fair, I found another video on YouTube where someone set up a similar test. I don't know if both were computer controlled, and I don't know which version of Storm was used, but I'm certain that they used the same version of Wonder Woman I did.

Wonder Woman won that one!

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