Monday, January 12, 2009

Pre-Made Mugen Games

The Infinity Mugen Team has a pre-made mugen game that you can download and play if you don't want to build your own. I'm downloading it from their website now:; I've download previous versions of the game before and have been quite satisfied. One of the members of Infinity Mugen Team, DarkTalbain,has posted a video showing the game's select screen. It's amazing.


  1. Hi Marcus,

    Can you say me where
    we must go on the website
    to download the game.
    In fact, this game don't
    interest me
    (because I prefer to build my own)
    but there are 2 characters which
    interest me, "Sentry" and "Punisher"
    (if they are really in the game).
    So in download this game, I want
    to recover this characters.


  2. Hi Marcus,

    I just see in the video
    of the game on the website
    the character "Forge" which
    walk, "the mine" don't walk.
    Is it really in the game ?


  3. Hey, Willey

    The game is about 1 GB zipped. I have not had a chance to load it yet. I think Forge, Sentry, and Punisher are in the game because they are in development at the Infinty Mugen Team. To get this, you have to go to the link in the post, sign up as a member and then got to the Forum. Then under the WIP sections you'll see the Eternity of Heroes Game.