Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mugen: Professor X

Professor Charles Xavier is a notable character for a variety of reasons. He's not just a powerful telepath, a genius, rich, but he also founded and leads the X-Men. Without him there would be no X-Men. I like Xavier a lot because he believes that although many normal humans fear and hate mutants, that humans and mutants can co-exist peacefully. He does not consider either humans or mutants as being better or worse than the other. Although mutants are a fiction, we can draw parallels to any of the polarizing differences in people for our society such as race, nationality, or gender. Throughout history these differences cause people to think of themselves as less than or greater than others. This is where fiction becomes very interesting. X-men is a way to explore and discuss these issues in an interesting way. I admit it: I love it.

Xavier's battles are not just with people who threaten the world and his goals. He also has a physical affliction. He is condemned to be in a wheel chair for the rest of his life. How is that for drama.

Xavier is not just interesting for exploring racism or classism, but also exploring what it means to be human. Xavier is not just a superhero, and faultless father figure to the X-Men. Professor X has made mistakes in his life and is trying to make up for them. He has tended to keep his emotions and feelings in check because He knows that he can force those thoughts and feeling on others. This is why he hardly ever goes all out with his full power.

Here is more information:

I have found one version of Professor X for Mugen

Professor X Mugen Versions



By Shinkoheo
Not CompleteNot Complete9Unknown

It looks like a good start. He only has two special moves: a mind blast and he can freeze his opponent. I'd like to see a shield of some kind. Also maybe a move where he rams his opponent with the wheel chair. I also think a special hyper move could be that he takes control of his opponent and makes them do their most devastating hyper on themselves! That would take some coordination with other characters but I think it would be cool. If anyone knows of a more complete version of Professor X for mugen, would you please let me know in the comments section of this post.

Here is the video test:


  1. I have a problem with him...

    always in the battle my game crash!

  2. what happen with the one of "project x" ?? that would be cool, ohh and should be asked z-vitor to make his awesome mind drain, as he made it on emma frost and joan carlo jean grey, that would be cool